Without Taking a Step Out of the House

Posted on February 2, 2018 by Anita dasi

An interview of Vrndavan-vilasini didi

Even if you just sit in your room, books can just fly. As long as you have books on hand, the mood to share them and you want it to happen. I love to see the books go out. I get so happy. A few recent visitors come to mind.

Just today Mina came with Indhulekha from France to visit. She is an Indian from Nepal. She has the Vedic heritage, but doesn’t really know the philosophy. She met Indhulekha in Syria working with refugees. It was her first time in Vrndavan, and she was excited to meet me because she is amazed to see Westerners so absorbed and happy with the culture. She didn’t know anything about Lord Caitayna and had been influenced by Brahma Kumaris. So I gave her a book about Lord Caitayna. She was so thrilled to receive the books and asked many good questions.

Bekky is a yoga teacher exploring the path of bhakti. One of her students arranged for her to stay in Gopinatha Bhavan. She loved staying here and meeting the devotees in the building. She felt everything here was magically arranged. I gave her an Our Eternal Nature and since she teaches yoga a Prema-pradipa.

Lavangalata came to visit, and I gave her the Rupa Gosvami book, Specialty of the Gift of Mahaprabhu, and Our Eternal Nature. She hadnt read much for a long time, but she was touched and read them on the flight back to America. The books inspired her so much. Now she is writing to me almost every day.

One devotee came who has huge affection for Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja, but had never really read anything of Srila Gurudeva’s. I gave him one copy of everything I had. He was so excited and grateful.

Recently I got a new AC installed, and two workers came to do the job. They were in my room for quite some time. I gave each of the workers two books. They were so happy.

What I really like is they all just come to my room. I am not shy to give books to anyone. That is my first instinct when someone comes. I love how Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is using everybody.