With Compassion For All Living Entities

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Once there were many persons assembled. Taking stones in their hands, they wanted to kill a person guilty of very bad character who, attracted to a lady, had caught hold of her and did some nasty things. So, many persons were now assembled to kill him with stones.

At that moment Jesus Christ came there and told them, ai???Oh, listen to me first. I too want you to kill this person with your stones. I also have a stone. We will all throw these stones at him together and kill him. But first hear me. Only those of you who are not guilty of the same crime are allowed to stone him. Whoever is personally guilty of any bad activities, whoever has done as this person has, may not throw any stones.ai??? All of them stopped. No one there was pure in heart and free from the guilt of this same crime.

Although we see some mercy in this instance, we should try to know that this mercy is not real mercy. The Supreme Lord has created all creatures ai??i?? trees, insects, fish, cows, and all other living beings. In every body there is a soul. It is a misconception to think that the soul is only in the human body, and we should therefore only serve the human race.

What were Florence Nightingale and Mother TheresaAi??doing? They were serving all the diseased and poor people,Ai??even those with leprosy. However, they gave them beef, meat,Ai??fish, and wine, and they thought there was no harm in that.Ai??They did not know that fish also have life, cows also haveAi??life, and all others have life, just like human beings. We areAi??not authorized to kill any living being in any species ofAi??life, because they are all sons and daughters of the SupremeAi??Personality of Godhead, who never wants them to be killed.

The cow is like a mother. She gives milk without consideringAi??caste and creed. She gives milk to everyone, whether suchAi??persons are Mohammedan, Indian, American, or anyoneAi??else. We can therefore think of her as a mother who gives herAi??breast milk. If one takes a new calf and kills her for her meat,Ai??is this mercy? I went to Vatican City and I became happy to seeAi??a great monument there. There were hundreds of thousandsAi??of pilgrims there, all paying their respects, and I also wantedAi??to pay respects: ai???O Jesus Christ, how glorious you are.ai???

Then, seeing some very beautiful and soft calves of onlyAi??two or three days old, I asked, ai???Why are there so many calvesAi??here?ai??? ai???You donai??i??t know? The pope will take their flesh today.Ai??He will invite his friends, and they will eat all of them.ai??? IAi??then began to hate that land, and said, ai???I should not spendAi??another moment here. I should go away. These people areAi??cruel butchers. They have no pity or mercy upon these cowsAi??and calves, nor upon anyone else.ai???

What are eggs? If you want to take eggs, you can take an egg from your motherai??i??s womb. That is also a kind of egg. So, we should not take all these things. Rather, we must know that the soul is everywhere, not only in the human body. Therefore, service only to humankind is not service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. It is essential to know this.

Discourse on Raya Ramananda Samvada
Maui, Hawaii: May 24, 2000


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  1. gourgovindasevak sathya senan
    6 years ago

    Except for a few people in India, especially in Kerala, not many know that Jesus Christ had actually spent his seventeen-year sojourn to the “East” in India. Christian leaders are certainly likely to know this fact, but pride and prejudice prevent them admitting it to the world at large.

    Srila A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada said Jesus is a bonafide saktyavesa-avatar. During his pastimes in India, he ‘learned’ and practised the pure Vaisnava tradition from great Vaisnava acaryas. He also spent much time in Tibet where the monks have chronicled his visits and his travels, activities and words, as uncovered by various western and Indian researchers.

    When he returned to the west, he [being ‘sarva-kala-jna’] began his preaching, but knew that he had barely three years within which he’d have to impart at least the rudiments of civilized human behaviour to an otherwise gross barbaric-cultured western society. Among other things his basic teachings were ‘to be good, to do good, and go to heaven.’

    He also emphasized on ‘Thou shalt not kill’ but future controllers of Christianity twisted this to mean ‘Thou shalt not murder fellow humans’ thus paving the way to their licence to kill and eat animals, etc.

    When some of his disciples asked to know more on certain Vaisnava-based philosophies, Jesus told them they were not ready to hear or understand them, but simply encouraged them to try to achieve heaven by practising activities in the mode of goodness.

    Another thing Christians do not know is the fact that when Jesus was crucified, he [having control over his ‘prana-vayu’ or vital life-air] never really died. So, his so-called ‘resurrection’ was self-enacted when he rose ‘from the dead’ unseen by anyone, and, having finished his preaching mission in his home-land, he headed back east, back to India. There he eventually entered the grhasta asram, and ended his prakata-lila.

    One day not too far away, I’m sure some former Christian, present Hare Krsna devotee, will reveal all this to the world at large.