Time Bombs

Posted on August 13, 2018 by Anita dasi

These books are like time bombs, waiting for the right person and right moment.I have heard this countless times and repeated it myself. I even had the experience of finding a stack of Srila Prabhupada’s books sitting on a rock when I was first getting interested in Krsna Consciousness. But every time I hear another book bomb igniting someone’s journey towards self-realization my heart leaps with the joy and awe of Krsna’s mercy.

The other day I got a message from someone who lived next door to me in 2000-2001. At that time I was just finding out about Krsna bhakti. I don’t even remember giving him a book. When I read the following message I was so moved.

It took me a few years to finally read the copy of the Bhagavad Gita you gave me many years ago, but once I did, it really hit me and became one of my most favorite books (thanks by the way). I loved it so much I keep lending it out to people and have to go buy new copies because I never get them back. It was that book that prompted me to continue reading the Hindu epics; Upanishad, Mahabharata, and my favorite of all has to be the Ramayana (such a beautiful story).

He is planning a trip to India this fall. I plan to meet up with him and have invited him to join the Kartika parikaram. Gifting a book to a friend or neighbor can seem so small in the moment. But when the time is right it can really transform someone’s life. I love how he has spontaneously been sharing the Gita with his friends.