The Mood Regarding Money

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Ai??Devotee: When we were in ISKCON, the big danger was that so much success was coming from distributing books, and so much money was coming. This is what caused the problem of control and fighting.

AsrAi??la Gurudeva: Money will not be our center. We are spending for Ka?i??a??a?i??a whatever is coming, so there is no problem. Also, book distribution will help devotees to maintain themselves. If they are sincere, nothing like this will happen. And if they are not sincere, then everything will happen.

AsyA?marA?a?i??Ai?? dA?sAi??: I have a question regarding devotees selling books to maintain themselves. You just asked RA?dhA?-kA?nta prabhu [at that time the coordinator for wholesaling AsrAi??la Gurudevaai??i??s books in the U.S.] if the prices of the books will be low enough so that devotees can make profit and maintain themselves. How can a devotee know that, ai???I am maintaining myself by this book distribution,ai??? and at the same time have a pure heart and compassion for the persons to whom he is selling books?

AsrAi??la Gurudeva: It is a very easy thing. If I have offered myself to my Gurudeva, then I am taking his remnants and thinking that Gurudeva will surely support and nourish me. What harm is there in that? Do you understand what I am telling you? If I am surrendered to Gurudeva and Ka?i??a??a?i??a, there will be no question of having a separate interest, and there will be no anxiety. If the service is performed in the right way, if it is performed in the right process, if the disciple has offered himself unto the lotus feet of Gurudeva, then he knows that Gurudeva must support and nourish him. Where else will he go? So, there is no harm in a devoteeai??i??s maintaining himself through book distribution, but he should be very surrendered.

AsyA?marA?a?i??Ai?? dA?sAi??: While speaking to someone, to sell that person a book, he doesnai??i??t need to think he is maintaining himself?

AsrAi??la Gurudeva: There is no question of that. When we were with Gurudeva, we never thought, ai???We are maintaining ourselves by We considered that we totally belong to Gurudeva.

Devotee (1): One of the problems that came out of book distribution in ISKCO N was that there was a profit motive, and through that profit motive devotees would be saying all kinds of bogus things to people on the streets.

Devotee (2): But now the whole idea of book distribution is changing.

Devotee (3): And there is no point in trying to regulate anything. [Devotees live separately, all over the world], because whatever anyone is going to do, they are going to do.

AsrAi??la Gurudeva: We want to solve everything by love and affection alone.

Badger, California: June 4, 2002

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  1. gadadhara das vanacari
    6 years ago

    Dandavats didis & prabhus,
    hhmmmm, it seems that two subjects are being discussed here;
    one is book sales…
    one is book (prasadam) distribution.
    Joining Swami prabhupada’s movement after his entering samadhi in ’77
    we were taught to give out books to anyone excited to take… regardless of their financial abilities, because the next person may take a book and give enough money to print a whole set.
    aspiring sevak,