The Magic of a Small Step

Posted on January 9, 2019 by Anita dasi

I’ve been distributing books for many years. It has been one of my main services since the time when I was with Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja. Since I moved to Sri Radhe Kunja in Vrindavan some years ago, I used to go out every day to the Banki Bihari temple and distribute books there on the street for several hours every day.

Then, about a year ago, I got into an accident with my scooty and injuries did not allow me to go out anymore. Even after I recovered mostly, the books had become too heavy to carry and hold. But because book distribution is my life, I looked for another way to continue my service and started to help Tarun prabhu with the little book table he would set up at our Radhe Kunja temple around lunch time – Sripad Premananda Prabhu’s cooking is famous all over Vrindavan and many people come to take lunch prasadam every day.

I was surprised! Just by sitting at a book table outside my own room, I was able to distribute as many books daily as I would at the Banki Bihari temple! My only frustration was that our table was so small and we only had a limited selection of books to offer. Also, many devotees from Iskcon come for prasadam at our temple, asking for Swami Prabhupada’s books. My desire was to be able to present all of Srila Gurudeva’s books and a good amount of Srila Swami Maharaja’s books to the devotees, in English, Russian, Hindi, Spanish, and maybe even some other languages.

But how to do this? Due to my accident, I had had a lot of expenses, so thinking I would not be able to afford setting this up, I thought it would all just remain a nice dream. But then the Book Sponsorship Program came to the rescue! With their help, I was able to get a copy of pretty much all of Srila Gurudeva’s books on the book table, and soon after, because the distribution was going well, I could also arrange for Prabhupada’s books and books in different languages. Now I was even able to arrange book shelves and a big size book table outside my room, so that all books can be nicely presented to the devotees who have arrived and are waiting for their turn to go and take prasadam.

I learned a very important lesson from all this, that if anyone has just a little desire to serve Srila Gurudeva and the Vaisnavas by distributing their books and takes a few steps to do so, Guru and Vaisnavas will immediately take so many steps towards you to help you do that service. I am still amazed of how all this has manifested just outside my own room! So my message to everyone out there in the world is just give it a try and see what happens! Watch the magic unfold and become amazed at Gurudeva’s kindness and presence in this service of book distribution!!

Srila Gurudeva Ki Jaya! Swami Prabhupada Ki Jaya! Vaisnava Thakura Ki Jaya! Transcendental Book Distribution Ki Jaya!

Acarya-ratna das Brahmacari, Sri Radhe Kunja.