Programs in Portsmouth

Posted on January 28, 2019 by Anita dasi

While I was waiting for operations here in the UK I thought that I would try to distribute books and arrange programs in the local town here in Portsmouth. Although I was greatly inspired to do this seva, I knew that it would not be easy going out alone etc. Anyhow, I thought that maybe other devotees would be inspired to join me, and if not I would go out alone and Gurudeva would send some people who were searching for this nectar.

So I started going out and I would sometimes set up a book table and display Gurudeva’s books and at other times I would simply approach people. Sometimes I went alone and at other times Candrika didi or Sudevi didi from Brighton would come and join me. We would always meet interesting people and I would always take note of their contact details. Then after a couple of months I hired a hall and compiled a theme for an introductory talk for a flyer or poster and asked Yadubar prabhu to design that flyer.

Then once the flyers and posters arrived I went to some local libraries, shops etc. and requested them to put up the posters. I also advertised the event on the local ‘’What’s on Portsmouth’ etc. Then I continued going on book distribution mostly alone, but sometimes with others and distributed flyers along with the books. The response was very good, but still I wasn’t sure how many people would come to the program. However, I was pleasantly surprised that around 30 or 40 new people came to the first programme. Yasodanandan prabhu gave an introduction, I gave the main talk and the Gangamatas as well as Prana Kisora prabhu came from London and performed a drama that I’d compiled.


It all went really smoothly and at the end of the evening I announced that if anyone wanted to take any books they could take them for free. Then we served prasadam. Many people took books and really liked the program. We took contact details of those who had come to the program for next time. I continued this same method for future programs and had public programs around once a month and programs sometimes in between at Sri Radhe bhavan where I was staying.

I’m going to be having an operation soon and haven’t been out on book distribution recently. However I keep in close touch with some of the people who came to the programs and some really want to come to India!

Candrika didi and I plan to do some prison programs and give out books when I have recovered from my operation. There are unlimited ways of distributing books. Wherever I go – to hospitals etc. I always give books and prasadam to the doctors and others there. Last time I had an operation I brought some homemade flapjack prasadam along with some of Gurudeva’s books and gave them to the lady surgeon. She was so happy to receive them and thanked me profusely and said she would distribute the flapjack to her other colleagues also. When I saw her again months later, she remembered that and thanked me again.

– Caru Chandrika