Planting Seeds in Punjab

Posted on November 24, 2017 by Anita dasi

Please come to my home. We hear it all the time when we distribute books. This is the famous Indian hospitality. Sometimes we take people up on it. When we distribute books in Manali we meet many people from North India. I have followed up in the past with a few families who seemed sincere, visiting their towns and villages. But language is a big barrier for me. When Akhilesh prabhu, who speaks both Hindi and Punjabi, heard that we had contacts in Punjab he was enthusiastic to follow up.

We set off not knowing what to expect. Our first stop was Budhlada, a town in the heart of rich Punjabi farm land. We were astounded to find so many people thirsty to hear about Sri Sri Radha and Krsna. There is a group of over 30 that meets at 5:30 every morning and sings Radha and Krsna kirtans throughout the streets.

The few days we were there were a constant stream of visitors to the home of our host. We had three programs with over a hundred people, and I lost count of the continual house programs and visits we made. There is great enthusiasm, but a need to establish proper siddhanta. Practically every visitor got a small book as well as those who invited us to their homes. The custom is that everyone coming to a program gives 10 or so rupees, so we would announce at the end of the program that those who are interested can come and take a book.

While having hot milk at the home of the main seed supplier in town, I began to think of each book like a seed being planted in this fertile land. They can grow in the hearts of the sincere readers. We hope to come back after a few months. I look forward to seeing the effect of these transcendental seeds that were planted.

By Anita dasi