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Posted on July 17, 2011 by admin-vasanti

By Syama-priya dasi

Something happened when I entered New Vraj. Everything became sweeterai??i?? Of course, the first day, I felt like poo, but thatai??i??s part of the processai??i?? I think. After that, I started to get to know the members of my new spiritual family one by one: one on one, in a group, during kirtan, on stageai??i??and what struck me, what enchanted me to my core, was how sweet and how loving everyone is. I did not have the chance to meet Srila Gurudeva while he was here, but in Badger I felt I met Gurudeva face-to-face everyday as I connected with devotees  and felt hisAi?? strong loving presence in each of your hearts. Vrndavan and New Braj are the only places I feel really at Home in this world, and itai??i??s my spirit brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers Love and Affection that make it so.Ai?? Srila Gurudeva has given you his heart in exchange for yours and has obviously decided to make yours his Forever home.

I couldnai??i??t go home without taking with me many souvenirs of the unforgettably heartwarming weekAi?? IAi?? spentAi?? in New Vraj. Among some of my favorite souvenirs was the entire collection of Kishori Mohan and SudeviAi?? dasiai??i??s cd’s to play at my shop. It’s a nice little importation and art gift shop in one of the more colourful areas of Montreal.


Iai??i??ve set up a little upright CD rack on the counter, perfect for displaying Srila Prabhupada’s and Srila Gurudevaai??i??s small books for sale. The amazing thing is: people used to buy books every once in a whileai??i??but since day 1 of playing Kishori Mohan and Sudeviai??i??s CDai??i??s, books are flying off the shelf! The very first day, within an hour of opening, a young lady came in and the Maha-mantra was playing. She asked me what Hare Krishna meant, and was very touched by the answer. She was from out of town and really wantedAi?? to buy a copy. Somehow, by divine arrangement, I just happened to have an extra copy of that particular CD, so she went home with the Maha-Mantra!

No more than two hours later, a man walked in to buy some incense, cameAi?? to the counter to pay and chose to take FOUR books home with him: Srila Prabhupada’ s Chant and be Happy, The Higher Taste Cook Book, Introduction to Bhagavad-Gita and our Srila Gurudeva’s Way of Love! I’m so thrilled and amazed at how easy it is to distribute books when the Maha-Mantra is being delivered so sweetly to the core of people’s hearts. They’re so attracted to the books, they just pick one up, leaf through it and all I have to say is what a wonderful little book it is and they give me a donation for it! Then i give them some Maha candy i keep by the cash and a mini-mala from Vrndavan to chant on and I let them know Iai??i??m there for them when they have questions. This happens ALL the time :D)Ai??

Kishori Mohan and Sudevi dasiai??i??s sweet service to Gurudeva and Gauranga are touching so many hearts here in Montreal, Canada and all over the world.Ai?? Who knows whoai??i??s the next person waiting to be touched by the sweetness sound of the Maha-mantra? It sure makes mine, my colleagues and my customer’s days brighter and helps me distribute books too! I’ll have to bring a bigger suitcase next time Iai??i??m in VrndavanAi?? just to keep up with the book demand here. And theyai??i??ve told me I can make copies of the CDai??i??s and distribute those too. Haribol!

Thank you so much Kishori MohanAi?? and SudeviAi?? for touching hearts all over the world with Mahaprabhuai??i??sAi?? greatest giftAi?? and for being shining transmitters of Guru and Radha-Krishna’s Limitless Love and Affection! Millions of dandavats to you!

MahaMantra ki Kay! Gurudeva ki Jay!



  1. Gitadevidasi
    11 years ago

    Dandavat Syama-priya didi,
    Your report with such enthusiasm and determination is very sweet, inspiring… you’re an example of unique book distribution I’ve never heard.
    Congratulation and please keep going… you’re blessed!
    Wish you all auspiciousness going to Vrindavana and keep posting your beautiful stories that are very fresh to my melting heart.

    Haribol didi,
    Gita devi dasi.

    • Shyama Priya didi
      11 years ago

      Dandavats Gita devi dasi didi,

      Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. i believe by Gurudeva’s mercy, all souls will get the opportunity to come in contact with Krishna’s sweetness and have their heart melt too. Jaya Srila Gurudeva <3

      I will keep your blessings in my heart and carry them to Vrndavan with me.

      In the meantime, i'm excited and looking forward to getting more books to find homes for.

      Shyama Priya dd

  2. lost servant
    11 years ago


    Happy to hear your good news, and how you are touching hearts and being able to distrubete books in such an easy way, congratulations.

    Dandavats, also to Kishori Mohan Prabhu and Sudevi, the performance of their bhajans has certainly been bless by Srila Gurudeva, the love and affection and bhakti spills into the atmosphere. I hear them almost on a daily basis and it helps me to remember love of Guru, Radha and Krsna, and keep that focus throughout the day in the midst of not such a favorable environment.

  3. sudevi
    11 years ago

    Dear Syama Priya didi,

    Dandavat pranam and a sweet embrace.

    When I read your letter and then this
    article I was very inspired. Sometimes we forget how spontaneously attracted jivas are to the Mahamantra, even without knowing it!. When we travel and come into contact with people, I love most hearing how they became attracted to Mahaprabhu’s movement. Was is through a book, a sweet, Harinam, or just a kind devotee saying Hare Krsna to someone? Your Bookshop is bringing others in contact with the Sweetest Mercy, and you are so fortunate to be in such a position to openly give!
    I feel blessed that our CDs have been instrumental in encouraging someone to want to now who is Krsna! Thank you….
    You are welcome to make copies of our CDs and give or sell them in your store as they are meant for that purpose.
    Srila Gurudeva wanted us to distribute his books to one and all and you are doing just that! Bravo!
    Thank you again for remembering us kindly while rendering your loving seva,
    Sudevi dasi

  4. 大漠打扰 bv damodara
    11 years ago

    Dear Shyama Priya,
    Thats a great idea. It would be good if you had a few Jaiva Dharmas there also. Anyone who touches Jaiva Dharma can understand something of the glories of the Vaisnava siddhanta as presented by Sriman Mahaprabhu. You can buy them on line. Hari bol

  5. jiva das
    11 years ago

    very nice on GVp book distribution now devote no ther is somme of gurudeva in montreal jaya gurgdeva jaya caura nitai

  6. Haridas dasa
    11 years ago

    What a beautifully fitting glove for such a full of beauty personality such as yourself …please keep it up…

  7. jiva das
    11 years ago

    we need to get montreal sanga togeder and plan harinama books distribution and more. jiva das

  8. Sebastien
    11 years ago

    All Glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.
    I am so happy I found this article :))
    I have been looking for other devotees of Srila Gurudev in Montreal for so long!!
    Where is your store in Montreal? Are there meetings organised with other devotees? I have no words to express how happy I am right now. :))
    Hare Krishna!