Posted on December 7, 2013 by Radha Mohan dasa

Gaudiya Vedanta Publications is delighted to announce the release of the much-anticipated Gaudiya Giti-guccha: An Anthology of Gaudiya Vaisnava Songs (Abridged Edition). Out of print for some time, this sixth edition has seen a complete revamp of the anthology and serves as an abridged edition to larger, more ambitious endeavor to document, as far as possible, every Gaudiya Vaisnava kirtanaAi??and stotraAi??written by our acaryas.

This abridged edition, spearheaded by Madhukara dasa bramacari,Ai??is certainly a labor of love. A superbAi??kirtaniyaAi??himself, Madhukara Prabhu yearned for a songbook saturated with simplicity and straightforwardness in regards to translation. Thus, under the guidance of Srila Gurudeva’s senior Vaisnavas, the entire songbook has been retranslated to follow, as far as possible, the respective order of the words and concepts as they appear in the original Bengali or Sanskrit.

The finished project is a 400+ paged anthology with a boutique-quality presentation. Although significant reflection was spent on aesthetic considerations (this edition is 70% handmade), practicality was never sacrificed; quite the contrary, this book is the most practical edition yet and features the following:

    • Cloth cover featuring a stunning screen-printed illustration
    • Elastic band to allow the book to lay completely flat and extend the its life
    • Light-weight yet sturdy paper to allow for flexibility
    • Compact size
    • Rounded corners
    • KirtanaAi??subject tabs for easy navigation between different sections
    • All-new pronunciation guide
    • A section titled How to Perform Kirtana, featuring a few words about kiratanaAi??from our acaryas
    • A Verses for Recitation section, featuring Sri Upadesamrtam, Sri Manah-siksa, etc.
    • Expanded Hindi kirtanaAi??section
    • Oriya kirtanas

Upon the book’s arrival in Vrindavan, it was promptly offered to Srila Gurudeva in his room in Gopinatha Bhavan by Sripad BV Vaikhanas Maharaja and the GVP Vrindavan team. It was then offered to various Vaisnavas and contributors and made available to the members of our sanga doing Vraja-mandala parikrama.

Gaudiya Giti-gucchaAi??is available for purchase in Vrindavan at Gopinatha Bhavan, Rupa-sanatana Gaudiya Matha, or Loi Bazaar, and can be shipped in bulk within India (please contact to place orders). For other countries, the book’s availability on will be announced via the GVP Facebook page, which can be followed for information and updates on all things GVP.


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    Shree radhey

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    HARE KRSNA This article is exeellcnt.The truth is plain to see:Given a chance,Jewish,Muslim,and Christian fanatics will kill every last Hare Krsna on earth.The sooner that all devotees realize this the better.Of course we all worship the same one true God,however,fanatics can’t see this clear truth.Somehow or other we,KRSNA’s servants,must get the upper hand if only for self-defense. ALL GLORIES TO HIS DIVINE GRACE A.C.BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI SRILA PRABHUPADA !