My distribution day: Bhagavat Gita is always needed

Posted on July 22, 2015 by admin-vasanti

Hare Krishna!

JayaAi?? Gurudeva! Jaya Nitay Gauranga!


By Srila Gurudevaai??i??s and Vaisnavaai??i??s mercy Iai??i??ve been distributing books in Chandigarh in one of the markets. I was surprised to hear that almost all the people were telling me that they already have Bhagavat Gita. So, at one point I started having doubts whether I should even bring it. Untill one dayai??i??.

I was just telling my friend VIsnu-priya, who helps me to distribute books, that it seems like everyone already has Bhagavad-Gita, and at this very moment one girl literally ran up to me, with burning yes as if her house was on fire and eagerly asked:


Do you have Bhagavad-Gita?

I looked at my friend, we both started laughing, and the girl took her desired Gita.


Another time, I offered Gita to one middle-aged man, and I was so astonished by his answer:

I was born in a hindu tradition, but I still haven’t read Gita. I feel so ashamed, so all my life I was ignoring God.

I told him:

ai???Everything can change in a moment. Take the book. It will help youai???

And he did take it, feeling happy that finally he has such an important book.


One more interesting story happened. One man really wanted to get Gita, but he was feeling reluctant, feeling that heai??i??s not ready for it, and doesnai??i??t know how to take care of it. I spoke for a long time with him, but he still didnai??i??t take it, because he was not ready for it. But he gave me his phone number, and said I should call after 1 week. I did call back, he came to the market and took Bhagavad-Gita.

Ai??Submitted by Kasturi Manjari dasi

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  1. Krnnichi
    7 years ago

    Vidya Patham The most favorable frnied to me is that who shows me my flaws’. It is due only to the grace of the Guru that we can actually see ourselves as we are thorns and all. He fans the tiny spark in us and inspires us to become better individuals. Thank you very much for sharing Radhanath Swami’s thoughts on how to see the nobility of each others soul while tolerating the flaws.