Library Distribution in Jaipur

Posted on March 27, 2019 by admin-vasanti

Submitted by Sundar Gopal dasa

We have sent 20 sets of 15 Hindi tiles of Srila Gurudeva’s books for
Jaipur library program. Two Sunder Gopal prabhu’s are preaching there
and have visited some colleges to present the books.

I simply go and approach the principal or dean of college and tell them that I have brought a precious gift for you from Vrindavan sent by our Guru Maharaja, we have very nice spiritual books for your college library.
You should give a chance to your students to start spiritual life by keeping this books in your library.

I also tell them its very rare that at young age students will read such books…but in case one out of million want to read you must help him to find right path.

And here in Jaipur most people are devoted towards Govind dev ji, so very quickly and happily they accept it.

One principal told me (Jecrc) that today morning I was thinking about Bhagwat itself and I am so luck that I got to see and touch it now…I will surely read it.

In second step we ask them if they can allow us to do a program in their college, mostly we get approval. But now exams are going on so they gave us dates in March.

Rajasthan College
Swastya Kalyan University

Hare Krishna