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AsrAi?? Caitanya MahA?prabhu ordered AsrAi?? NityA?nanda Prabhu to preach His mission. He said, ai???Go door to door with AsrAi??la HaridA?sa a?i??hA?kura, and beg some alms. You can tell Ai??the people, ai???I request you to put something in My bag. Chant, one time, ai???Ka?i??a??a?i??a, Ka?i??a??a?i??a.ai???

Thus, on the Lordai??i??s order, NityA?nanda Prabhu began His preaching. He generally did not go to wealthy persons, very beautiful persons, or highly learned persons. He went to common persons ai??i?? even to those who were fallen. In India, the brA?hmaa?i??as and ka??atriyas would not even drink water in containers that had been touched by such fallen persons, but NityA?nanda Prabhu preached among them. Regarding the debauchees JagA?i and MA?dhA?i, He considered, ai???They are very suitable persons to preach to.ai??? He went from village to village, and preached among the most fallen.

AsrAi?? BhaktivedA?nta SvA?mAi?? MahA?rA?ja, my Ai??ika??A?-guru, also did this. He did not generally approach those who lived in palatial buildings, or kings, or ministers, or very wealthy persons. He went initially to hippies. Those hippies were attracted to him, and he made them happy by transforming their lives. He started his mission by chanting, seated under a tree in Tompkins Square Park: ai???AsrAi?? Ka?i??a??a?i??a-Caitanya, Prabhu NityA?nanda, AsrAi?? Advaita, GadA?dhara, AsrAi??vA?sA?di, Gaura bhaktava?i??nda. Hare Ka?i??a??a?i??a Hare Ka?i??a??a?i??a, Ka?i??a??a?i??a Ka?i??a??a?i??a Hare Hare, Hare RA?ma Hare RA?ma, RA?ma RA?ma Hare Hare.ai???

He did not see who was singing with him and who was not, who was sitting with him and who was not. With only his karatA?las to accompany him, he would close his eyes, absorbed in relishing an internal mood as he sang in melodies

of pathos, melodies that awaken feelings of longing for Ka?i??a??a?i??a. Sometimes the hippies would dance while taking wine and other intoxicants, and would say to him, ai???O my friend, take some wine.ai???

Thus he preached, and so many souls came to take up Ka?i??a??a?i??a consciousness and become happy; young, beautiful, and energetic persons like JadurA?a?i??Ai?? and Va?i??ndA?vana-vilA?sinAi??, and all became happy.

This was the beginning, and very soon he created many preaching centers and established book distribution. He published many editions of his magazine, Back to Godhead, which became very popular throughout the world, and he translated so many books, which were also gradually distributed everywhere.

At that time there were young ladies in the bloom of youth who used to go to airports, markets, and practically everywhere else. They knew no shyness for preaching, and that is why you now see devotees all over the world.

I also donai??i??t want to go to the very beautiful, wealthy, or learned persons. I want that we go and preach to all the common people.

But I am not seeing the same enthusiasm and spirit that was present during your PrabhupA?daai??i??s time. You should have that same spirit, and then you can preach. Go door to door. Never be afraid and think, ai???Someone may beat me with a wine bottle.ai??? Donai??i??t fear. NityA?nanda Prabhu went to the debauchees JagA?i and MA?dhA?i and said, ai???What are you doing? Please chant Hare Ka?i??a??a?i??a just once.ai??? And they followed, ai???Oh, Hare Ka?i??a??a?i??a, Hare Ka?i??a??a?i??a.ai???

I want the same energetic spirit. Preaching should be in that dynamic spirit, and the books should be distributed everywhere. Do not think, ai???I donai??i??t know anything, Iai??i??m so weak.ai??? Ka?i??a??a?i??a will give you intelligence. I was also weak, like dry straw. But then I became strong to preach and serve my Gurudeva, nitya-lAi??lA? pravia??a?i??a oa?? via??a?i??upA?da aa??a?i?? ottara-Ai??ata AsrAi?? AsrAi??mad Bhakti PrajAi??A?na KeAi??ava GosvA?mAi?? MahA?rA?ja. All qualifications are gradually coming and helping me, even though I am now in old age:

nA?yam A?tmA? pravacanena labhyo

na medhayA? na bahudhA? Ai??rutena

yam evai a??a va?i??a?i??ute tena labhyas

tasyaia??a A?tmA? viva?i??a?i??ute tanua?? svA?m

Katha Upania??ad (1.2.23)

[One cannot become self-realized simply by having an academic education, by presenting lectures in an erudite way (pravacanena labhyo), or by being an intelligent scientist who discovers many wonderful things. One cannot understand Ka?i??a??a?i??a unless one is graced by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Only one who has surrendered to a pure devotee of Ka?i??a??a?i??a and taken the dust of his lotus feet can understand Ka?i??a??a?i??a. *]

Farewell Address Murwillumbah, Australia: January 20, 2000

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  1. Ananga Manjari Devi Dasi
    6 years ago

    Fantastic lecture and a real impatus to distribute Srila Gurudeve & Srila Prabhupada’s books everywhere! Very inspiring! It’s one thing sitting listening to lectures and classes but we have not be ‘miserly’ with the precious jewel that has been endowed to us all…and distribute it freely to one and all with a generous nature. Otherwise….our ears are not being engaged properly as they should be, hear from the Maha Bhagavat & our illustrious Guru Varga..then spread and preach what you have heard…All Glories to Srila Gurudeve the ‘lionlike’ acarya.