I feel drive!

Posted on May 28, 2011 by admin-vasanti

by Indira dasi


Indira and a biker




At first I was planning to wait for Taruni in Vrindavan, but it happened that I joined her in Manali. I was thrilled that the weather here is just the same as in my Siberia. It rains almost every day. Apple trees and sweet cherry trees grow everywhere and landscapes are very beautiful and picturesque. Самые лучшие онлайн казино Вулкан предлагают популярные игровые автоматы онлайн на гривны, доллары и рубли. Заходите испытать свою удачу! Ai??I can imagine what a riot of colors was here in the spring! One can drink water directly from the river without filtering and it tastes sweet and fresh like snow. Manali is a place where one can wait till Indian summer is over. Thatai??i??s why not only foreigners but so many people from all over India come here. Due to so many tourists book distribution is very successful here.

I came on the 18th of May and on the 19th had my debut ai??i?? first attempt of book distribution. There were four girls here before. When they were doing kirtana with mridanga people were automatically crowding them and taking so many books. But now Anita and Kunja left to other parts of India and there are only 2 of us distributing books here ai??i?? me and Taruni.

Having filled our backpacks cram-full with books, we usually walk by the local ai???Arbatai??? and offer transcendental books to each first passerby. Of course not every first and not even every tenth one buys a book. But after few hours our backpacks nevertheless become empty. Itai??i??s actually very exciting process.

I had an experience of donation collecting before and now Iai??i??ve experienced book distribution. In Delhi before, I gave people the ladies ashram brochure and brochures about Chanting the divine holy name and another brochure about the relationship between Krsna and Lord Siva.Ai?? Both processes are extremely captivating, there is no denying! Yesterday while book distribution Taruni asked me: ai???Do you feel compassion to those people?ai??? ai???I feel driveai??? ai??i?? I answered. I have no idea why but this process is so captivating that itai??i??s difficult to stop. Yesterday it was raining all day and we went outside very late ai??i?? around 6 pm. We were planning to walk around with books for one and half hour and come back home. But we were able to stop only at 10 and only because we were chilled to the marrow and the market was about to be closed.

In this way we try to serve Gurudeva: we just take our own bodies and make them do things they are able to do. Just to take a bunch of books and offer them to passerbyai??i??s ai??i?? our bodies can easily do this.

One more pleasant point ai??i?? now, during traveling sankirtana, I chant much more names of God than usually. Because you know when you preach to people you keep on repeating Hare Krishna for hours. You need to say something to a passerby to attract his attention and instead of saying ai???Hello!ai??? we say ai???Hare Krishna!ai??? That makes hundreds and thousands extra ai???Hare Krishnasai??? a day.

I feel freer now than ever. I used to work for different bosses in different companies and to depend on their mercy and now Iai??i??ve changed my master and try to serve Krishna and depend on His mercy. And I can say this is much more interesting, pleasant and fulfilling process.

By the way we plan to go to Sri Jagannatha Puri for the same reason. There will be Ratha-yatra festival there ai??i?? ocean of people and great book distribution. The only thing that I think will get to me is the heat, but nevertheless I want to get this experience of book distribution at Ratha-yatra festival!

Hope to see you all in Kartika!


  1. Haridas dasa
    12 years ago

    so precious this seva of yours…dandabats dasis all…may Gurudeva always keep you ”driven”

  2. nandalala das
    12 years ago

    the transcendental didi’s kyi jai gurudeva.

  3. Vaijayanti mala dasi
    12 years ago

    Dear Indira,

    It made me so very happy to read your report. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and your realizations with us. I feel inspired and light at heart by reading it.

    Srila Gurudeva’s book distribution team ki jaya!

    Vaijayanti mala dasi

  4. gadadhara das
    12 years ago

    Dandavats dear sankirtan devotees,
    To put it in simplest words, “You’re doing what I want.” And I got a strong feeling, it’s what most of us want to do. Stay cheerful and count your blessings.

  5. Gitadevidasi
    12 years ago

    My full prostrated dandavat to you Indira didi.
    Though not knowing you in person, from association with Anita didi, feel you’ve same mood… and I love this way of book distribution with a surrender mood.
    Very happy to meet here with your lively report…
    Please keep going with your seva to gurudeva and to the world and purify people around…
    Waiting for more of your sweet reports.
    Here in California, we are hungry for India’s feeling… and connect better with Radha Govinda.
    Gita devi dasi

  6. Krsna Kamini
    12 years ago

    Haribol Indira!
    Sounds great! And very inspiring!
    I have two questions: what do you (and Taruni) say to people when you first offer them a book?
    And,sorry but, what do you mean by “I feel drive”? Happy to hear of your plans for Ratha Yatra. Jaya Gurudev!

    • Indira
      12 years ago

      Hare Krishna!
      Dandavats, Krsna Kamini didi. Thanks for your comment.
      We usually say: “Hare Krishna! Please, take this book from my temple, from Vrindavan! It’s about Bhagavan”.
      Drive means enthusiasm, energy and excitement.

  7. Kumudini dasi
    12 years ago

    I am so happy after reading the raport of my dear, and most fortunate, Vrndavan sisters. Happy and sad.

    I can be even more inspired here in my own distribution, after reading your beautiful article.

  8. lasika
    11 years ago

    Your story touches my heart ….Jai Gurudeva !!!