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Submitted by Shivananda sena dasa

When deciding whether to attend this more or less trade show centered around the idea of “green” lifestyles our fearless leader Vasanti dasi put forward a prayer that went something like this… ai???Oh Gurudev, oh Mahaprabhu, oh parampara, oh Radhe, Oh Krishna, if it is your desire that we spend the huge exhibitor’s fee in order to give the 25,000 people who we have heard will attend over a three day period, an opportunity to have your message in the form of these books send us a sign”…lol!

Within twenty minutes, she called and asked and the lady said, “A space has just opened up, someone just canceled.”…Aha…it was the sign. After confirming with our general in Mahaprabhu’s great sankirtana army in the form of Srimati Syamarani it was a go.

We went to establish relationships by remembering Srila Gurudeva’s moods ai??i?? both his external sweetness and charm, and his internal depth of philosophical scrutiny. We wanted to represent him by encouraging everyone to simply add reading even a paragraph of his messages to their lives, knowing that that experience will lead to further hearing.

Then we did our “level best” to hear their stories, answer their questions and assure them that this friendly exchange could continue via emails.

By Sri Guru’s mercy inspiration came from all…our party increased from the three of us to a total of thirteen devotees helping in various ways to enliven the visitors with the philosophy presented so beautifully, so perfectly and masterfully in these GVP books.

The devotees who helped became catalyst for a fired up yet sweet and humble mood throughout our “Temple on Pankaja prabhu and Yamuna, Yuvati and Anadi, Dawn, Amit, his wife and son Ragava, and Konstantine and Shilpa, supported with sevas, kirtan, distribution and sharing the philosophy with the many people who were attracted to our beautifully attired booth full of hangingAi??bhakti art by Syamarani and tables so splendidly adorned with the works of our Acharyas like Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami’s Krishna Book, Bhagavad Gita As It Is, and Science of Self Realization, which we felt honored to distribute in honor of the dayAi??Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada arrivedAi??in the West.

The guests were just awesomeai??i??Wes the artist attending a special Theistic based art and design school, Joy searching far and wide all of the spiritual cultures like Self Realization Fellowship, James from the Philippines, influenced by Joseph Campbell’s works and wanting even deeper answers to The Mythos, Sydney who is on her way to India working with the WNBA to teach basketball to Indian youths. and so many other people who are endeavoring to make a positive contribution to raise awareness toward a more nonviolent, healthy, harmonious consciousness.

Even though there were so many higher thinking “green” people we met, truly the meeting of our god uncle…Laxmi Nrsinga prabhu, god aunt Ujvala dasi both Srila Prabhupada sisyas…and then at the very end after we were all packed and leaving Dananjaya prabhu…a godbrother who received Harinama in 99 and iksha in 01 from Srila Gurudeva, melted our hearts so severely that we forgot all about the cost of the exhibitor’ s fee. The fact that we actually lost money was forgotten because we saw these connections as priceless…or in the words of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada, and echoed by the most stalwart of all book distributors Syamarani dasi worth “billions of rupees.”

Thank God for Book Sponsorship to make this happen.


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  1. Bruno
    7 years ago

    Who will vote for temple pritedenss? Especially in small temples? The temple pritedenss are appointed by the GBC’s/Gurus and are loyal to them. Srila Prabhupada is not here to complain to like when things went bad in New York with Bali Mardan back in the seventies.So either the gurus, the GBC’s, the tp’s, someone is in charge and when things get out of control all the way up to the top how can things be brought back the way they should be?Only by praying to Srila Prabhupada and following him can his mission be saved. He told us that, he said if we do not follow then he will have to come back and start this movement all over again. It is up to us all individually to start to follow the best that we can. We owe it to ourselves, our guru, and all the conditioned souls.