Four Countries

Posted on January 17, 2018 by Anita dasi

By the mercy of Sri Guru and Gauranga as well as the mercy and dedication of the book sponsors and seva team we were able to distribute books in four European countries this last summer.

We started in England for a week. After buying a cheap estate car that had enough boot space to comfortably sleep in while on the road, I decided to join our brothers and sisters who were holding a festival in Lithuania. It was going to be a long journey, more than 2,000 kms and I was unsure if my car would make the trip, but what the heck I love an adventure. One of our kind hearted bro’s helped with the ferry and petrol money. So off I went for the night crossing, hoping that I would meet some nice people on the way that I could distribute some of the Way of Love, Journey of the Soul or any other of Srila Gurudeva’s books that friends had donated.

I was trying to get to Lithuania as quickly as possible, so I drove quickly across France and Germany only stopping for gas once or twice. When I hit Poland I started to meet some really nice people at the gas stations.

Many people from Poland come to live and work in the UK so they speak some English. Some I spoke to had already heard about Krsna Consciousness. They were very happy to be gifted some books and I told them all about our Gangamatas temple for when they returned to London. Polish people in general seem very nice and receptive. It would be great to preach there, but I think you would definitely need to be able to speak Polish and have Polish books.

Next stop was the festival in Lithuania. It was called Masters of Calm and even though it was being run by devotees and all the food was prasad, it was not exactly a devotee festival. There were maybe 400 general people there who had come for all different kinds of spiritual talks and yoga classes. Our Bhakti Tent was definitely the most popular venue on site. Radha dasi and others were very enthusiastically distributing books from their book table conveniently placed outside of the canteen were everybody would pass.

Next stop was Germany. I spent a month there, at the temple in Stuttgart and traveling around the country. Stuttgart was ok, but I found it a little difficult to distribute books as it has that city like energy, like Central London, where it is quite difficult to stop people. But when the local devotees would come, sit down and do harinam in the town center we would have a captive audience. We would meet many nice people from around the world.

In order to collect some laxmi for my travels, one devotee and I would go into Heavy Metal and Rock festivals and concerts to sell cd’s of a friends band. It was the first time I had done that, and I didn’t know what to expect from the people there. I was pleasantly surprised that I met many receptive and nice people, who were happy to receive a small book and hear something about Krsna.

After Germany, I returned to England for a few more weeks. I found the small towns and villages the best places to meet people and give out books. They are mostly untouched, and there is a slower pace there. I distributed books in a few bigger towns like Cambridge and Bedford where it may be sometimes harder to stop people, but if we pray to Gurudeva he always sends us some diamonds!

All together the summer was an excellent experience in book distribution and I am looking forward to hitting the road again this summer. All glories to the book sponsors and the seva team.


Prana Govinda das