Cebu distribution

Posted on February 28, 2011 by Radha Mohan dasa

by Anjali dasi from Cebu, Philippines

We have gathering from my high school Batch 1994 last Sunday, and I brought 20 pcs. of Secrets of the Undiscovered Self and I distributed it to them, and they are very enthusiastic to read it and they like it very much. Some of them take 2 because they likes to give that to their special someone.

After that I go home around 2:30 p.m., but due to my son’s (shyam) fever, I asked the Big sisters in our Krishna Kids School to continue distribute the books in our neighborhood and to some parents of the Krishna Kids. I hear from them that the people received the books are very happy and most of them especially the fathers said that “This is very good so that we don’t have to think always drinking and gambling”.

I’m so sorry I’m not really a very good story writer but I hope the pictures will give you more thoughts and story to tell. Hoping for your understanding.

I still have books to distribute, soon I will send you update for the book distributions in University of the Visayas with my niece Jovie Didi.

Hare Krishna!

Anjali Dasi (CEBU)