Back to India, Back to Books

Posted on April 11, 2019 by admin-vasanti

After spending several years in Ukraine, finally by Divine’s Couple mercy, I came back to India, back home.  So many emotions and feelings….
When I was back in the West, I used to have my job, permanent source of income…. but whenever I come to India, I always have to face this money “problem”… the question always arises from where to get money…. and Gurudev always kindly answers: “Book distribution.” I do feel its his mercy upon me, not only for  being able to stay in the dham, but also for doing this book seva…  especially because a long time ago, he gave me this instruction. Circumstances force me to distribute books, and really I feel so happy about it. Otherwise lazy me would never do it.

So back on track with blessings of Srila Gurudeva and the support of the GVP, Sponsororship program who again kindly gave me a start-up book kit,
I distributed some books on the trains. And, as always it went very well… Today on the train to Vrndavana I met one man who was very interested in the Harmony book. While we were talking I noticed that he was reading some book. He told me it was a book about one woman, who went in coma and travelled around subtle worlds and realities. I said:” Yes…We are not this body, we are souls and souls can travel.” And at that time it hit me! “Take this book” Journey of the Soul”, You can find out more about the worlds into which soul can travel!” He ended up taking both books

Yes…many interesting people and stories… like in the train from Puri to Kolkata I met another man who was very fond of reading… he took all the English books that i had and asked for a catalogue to see all.
With blessings of Guru-varga more to come…..

Jaya Gurudeva!
Jaya Vaisnava Thakura!
Jaya Sri Radheeee!