Xmas in England

Posted on February 22, 2017 by Anita dasi

By the mercy of Guru and Gauranga as well as the team at GVP we were able to distribute books in a one month stay in London and Canterbury, England, this past xmas and post xmas time.


I arrived in Canterbury from Vrindavan just one week before xmas time and so the streets of this old and quaint town was awash with people engaged in shopping for presents. I met 2 or 3 brahmacheris there from the London ISKCON temple who were on their xmas marathon and being working the streets of Canterbury for the whole month as it is a very good and ripe place to do books. Many nice people are there, many students form the local university and it is a hub for all the towns in the county of Kent.  Even though it is a city it is very relaxed and has a unhurried feel to it which is a complete contrast to London where I ended up some days later for the rest of my stay.

Canterbury would be an excellent place for a preaching centre however the rent in the central district is very high and so that has stopped the local ISKCON devotees from establishing a centre there.

Anyway many lucky people happily received Srila Gurudevas and Srila Prabhupads books there and some where very inquisitive of the process of Bhakti Yoga.

Next stop after xmas was London. Ramananada prabhu very kindly let me stay at his house which also has the added bonus of being situated nearby the Gangamatas preaching centre in The district of Walthamstow.

For a few days I tried to hand out some books in the Main West End of London on the super busy Oxford Street, however just getting people to stop in that area was a practically impossible task so for the rest of my stay I concentrated on the local Walthamstow area which being a suburb had a more relaxed feel and so was a much easier place to hand out books to and also had the bonus of being able to invite people to the local Gangamatas temple.

So once again thank you to the team  at GVP and all the amazing book sponsors who by their dedication and and hard work are able to facilitate Srila Gurudevas books to be distributed all over the world. Hare Krsna.