Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

Posted on September 13, 2011 by Anita dasi

Colorado book distribution – by Anita dasi

Needing a new visa I came back to America for two months. I brought a bag of books with me to distribute while I was here. I was mostly with my family and visiting old friends, but I tried to always have a book or two with me in case I meet someone interested. Slowly, slowly books found people.

You know that little Sesame Street jingle which was ingrained in our heads as children?

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

in your neighborhood

in your neighhh-borrr-hood?

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

The people that you meet each day . . .

my brother

an old friend from high school

the mother of the bride at a wedding

my dentist

a friend of a friend

Now I am in Carbondale with our god-sister Chapala didi and her husband Pritham prabhu and their family. We had a gathering of the Colorado sanga, when Prabha didi and her husband Madhusudan prabhu drove five hours to come for Visvarupa Mahosava. A few weeks before Madhusudan prabhu, who professionally builds green houses, helped to build a green house nearby. The owner was very interested in India and spirituality. So we all drove over on the pretext of checking out the greenhouse and brought him some prashda and a few books.

He was very happy with the gifts. He recognized the picture of Srila Prabhupada and said he is planning to visit India in the early spring after his green house is set up.

Today Chapala and I went around to three local yoga studios and asked to place free books in their space. They were all happy to take the books.

Chapala says, “I felt encouraged because Anita was here. I had been thinking about book distribution, but I thought person to person was too challenging. Going to the Yoga centers and dropping off the books was the nicest book distribution experience I had in my whole life. With the support of other devotee it was so easy. It came natural. We went early in the morning and people were peaceful because it was morning time. I just told them I had some books about self discovery.”


Then we stopped at the health food store to give a few books to a boy who works there and in the past had been very interested and enthusiastic about Krsna bhakti. He was so happy to receive the books and when we ran back into the store to look for something we forgot he was already reading them.

One mother at Chapala’s daughter’s ballet class in the past had said, “I just want to know the truth.” They had talked in the past about India and spirituality. Today when Chapala gave her a few small books she exclaimed, “The covers of these books are so beautiful, and you are looking vibrant.”

Chapala set aside a Ramanda Raya Samvad to give to an old friend who travels frequently to India and studies Sanskrit.

It is nice to share these books with some of the people in the neighborhood.

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  1. Vaijayanti mala dasi
    7 years ago

    Dear Anita, What a nice, gentle, natural and very enlivening way to do book distribution. I found this report particularly inspiring.
    Vaijayanti mala dasi