Vraja Villiages

Posted on May 13, 2017 by Anita dasi

My Hindi teacher Mamata dd from Vrndavana arranged a village program in Ray. In Vrajmandal are many  towns and villages,  who love and accept Sri Krsna but worship as their istadev Ganeshji,  Durga, Sivji etc. Mr Ramprasad and his family invited us, they were curious to meet foreign devotees of Sri Krsna and hear from them. We started our program with kirtan,  led by Madhavi dd from Bengal. All were happily participating , the Maha Mantra was chanted ecstatically. Than we presented Gauranga Mahaprabhus philosophy to the assembled Vrajvasis in Hindi language. First spoke Schaschikalla dd, thereafter Savitri dd,  than Madhavi dd and at the end Bakula dd. Specially the senior listeners asked nice questions, after we finished our speech. We were asked to come again,  now we are planing a Srimad  Bhagavad saptaha in Ray. We brought Laddu prasad and small books, which present Sriman Mahaprabhhus teachings in an easy way with us and everyone was eager to receive them. We want to continue doing programs in Vrajmandal in order to please our Srila gurudev.
Sri Sri Radha Vinkod Bihariji ki jaye
Srila gurudev ki jaye

Bakula dasi