Three Festivals

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Three Festivals:



This last Shaktifest (May 13-16, 2016) was our fourth time attending with a book and art booth. Every festival we feel gets bigger and better. A lot of regulars know us now and are happy to see us and even ask us what books are new this year.
We had a great team: Syamarani didi, Pankaj prabhu, Sivananda prabhu, Krsnamayi dasi, Yamuna dasi and Alexander.


purchase cozaar dosage boothSyamarani didi was painting at the booth which mesmerized all who passed by. They would come in and watch and be amazed to see her painting in person and some even cried.

Pankaj prabhu and Yamuna, as well as Devamayi dasi helped with the setup and take down of the booth and Krsnamayi also made the booth look beautiful, as always a�� turning the booth into a wonderful boutique and inviting space for our visitors to stay and hang out. Shivananda and Naveen prabhu had a kirtan next to our booth with friends they just met.

We had a program in our booth on the evening of Sita-devis appearance day and people passing by just sat down and joined in to our kirtan and reading. So many people say there is such a pulling energy from our booth that they feel just walking by (of course, this is our Srila Gurudeva).








Caru Krsna prabhu from Utah arranges Color festivals around America and they are extremely enlivening and fun. He is expert in choosing locations that are near Universities and engaging high school kids as volunteers. This was the first time he held one in the San Fernando Valley and was at a park just a few minutes from Krsnamayi and Shivananda prabhus house. The Colorfest is so much fun a�� upbeat music, Malini dasi dances, and tons of colors are thrown by all. The booth was always crowded and Syamarani didi, Radha, Champakalata didi and Chaitanya-sakti lovingly helped all who came in find the perfect book and poster to take home. I met one Indian woman who had brought her elderly neighbor.A� When they saw the Bhagavad-gita, the Indian woman said to her neighbor, a�?I was just telling you about that book last night.a�? Then the neighbor said, a�?I really want it, but I have no money.a�? I told her we are donation-based, so whatever she can give from her heart. She opened her bag and took out all she had which was less than a dollar in change, and with a big smile gave me the change and took the Gita and kept saying like a little child, a�?I really want it.a�? It was so endearing. Thanks to the kind donors of the GVP Sponsorship program, books can really go out for any donation!




New Earth Conference



The day after the Colorfest, we attended a New Earth Conference at a hotel near Krsnamayi and Shivananda prabhus house. It was a one day conference with various booths and talks a�� mostly metaphysical and natural products. It was not very busy, but it is always so amazing how there is always one special person (usually more), but always a reason we are sent to various places.A� One woman we came to our table said that on her drive there she was thinking that she would like to get a Bhagavad- gita. She was shocked that within one hour of this thought, a Bhagavad-gita ended up in her hand.

Srila Gurudeva would always say, “Don’t be selfish. Share what you’ve received with others.” So with this mood, we pray to just be his instrument and please him somehow by going out and meeting the sincere souls he sends.


Transcendental Book Distribution ki jaya!

Srila Gurudeva ki jaya! Srila Prabhupada ki jaya!