Successful Ratha-yatra Book Distribution

Posted on July 14, 2011 by Anita dasi

July, 2011

All glories to Sri Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas,

Dear devotees and guests,

I’d like to inform you that the book distribution on this Ratha-yatra was extremely successful – more then two thousand books were distributed during whole festival. On this very auspicious occasion many people from Mathura and Vrindavan gathered to participate in annual book distribution in Jagannatha Puri. It is organized and performed by devotees of Sri Radha-Damodar Mandir like Vamshivadan das brahmacari, Uttam-krishna das brahmacari and Shyamanada das brahmacari. The group of book distributors from Vrindavan was organized by Anita dasi who annually performs this wonderful service. Our book stall was open during the seven days that Lord Jagannatha resides in Gundicha temple, and this year was more successful than previous ones. It appears that after Guru Maharajee entered nitya-lila all devotees are empowered with more of his mercy.

The book distribution started with extremely wonderful kirtan before Sri Jaganatha, Baladeva, Subhadrajee and Sudarshana cakra. Our kirtan party was the most powerful and attractive. Around one hundred guests were chanting holy names and dancing for the pleasure of Sri Krishna.

Then every day around thirty devotees were distributing Srila Gurudeva’s books like Jaiva Dharma, Origin of Ratha-yatra and many books recently printed in Orrian language (including Jaiva Dharma). The total number of sold books has not been counted yet but the amount is much higher than in previous years. Many people from the whole of India now have Srila Gurudeva’s books including respected Vaishnavas from another Gaudya Maths, ISKCON and many Hindu and Orrian people. Many families now will read Jaiva-dharma and understand the glory of Sanatana-dharma and our Guru-varga.

A big contribution to these auspicious activities belongs to the respected disciples of Sri Sripad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja who sponsored the book distribution.

– by Nagari dasi