Story by Ananda Vardana dasa

Posted on August 3, 2010 by Raghava

Heres an interesting story. This last weekend I went to a local nursery and was wearing a small badge with Shrila Prabhupada s picture. As I walked out into the parking lot one of the carguards sees me and says “Prabhupada !” so I say “Hare Krishna ” to him and he says “Hare Krishna ,Andrew Freedman ” (my name ) . I coudnt believe he said my name so I asked him ” How do you know my name ? ” He says ” I heard you on the radio about 5 years ago ! ” So I say ” Thats amazing that you remember my name but how did you know I am the person you heard on the radio ? ” He says , and laughs ” I just knew . ” So I ask him how he heard about Krishna and he says he went to a second-hand bookshop in Seapoint and saw a picture of Shrila Prabhupada on the cover of Science of Sel-Realisation and he felt “This man is a master , he looks so humble ” so he bought the book and also Shrimad-Bhagavatam and Laws of Nature. His name is Anderson and he is a refugee from Congo and a qualified dietician. I invited him to come to our Bhagavad-gita group and he bought a Tulasi necklace from me and I gave him a copy od Shrila Gurudeva s Way of Love. He kept on saying “Shrila Prabhupada is a great master , very rare soul. ” So wonderful how Shrila Prabhupada reaches out to sincere souls everywhere , touching their hearts , bringing them to Krishna. His books are indeed conscious. Beautiful , compassionate Prabhupada. Hare Krishn