Srila Gurudev’s Book Mission in Malaysia

Posted on March 27, 2017 by Anita dasi

IMG_0356Today 21st March 2017 my god-brother, Sriman Sri Kanth Das Prabhu had paid the logistic company to send the pallet of GVP books to our small humble center, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Prachar Kendra in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia under the care of Sriman Laxman Das Prabhu.  The pallet is filled with 26 boxes, 19 titles of our Beloved  Srila Gurudev English books.  Never had we dream this day will come, our 1st pallet of books.  We pray Srila Gurudev shower more mercy on us to bring in the next pallet hopefully end of 2018.

29th December 2010 our Beloved Srila Gurudev had entered the eternal pastimes of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna.  What need to be done that Srila Gurudev is now not around to travel to inspire devotees? So taking in Srila Gurudev’s books to Malaysia to distribute was the best answer.

In 2011, Navadvipa Parikrama with INR5,000 we purchased, to our surprised was enough for the books.  Srila Gurudev’s mercy and Srila Gurudev knows our desire.  With 60kg between us we carry all of the books back to Malaysia.  Every year we make it a point to carry what we can back to Malaysia.  GVP gives us the books at cost, just had to let them know that the books are meant for distribution.

Last year 2016 before Vraj Parikrama the desire for a pallet of books was there as what we carry through our luggage bag was not enough for distribution.  That desire was convert to must during our parikrama.  With Srila Gurudev’s mercy we managed to raise enough funds for the books within 2 months.

Our team is not big, only the few of us and we are not rich or into business, just devotees like you all.  What keep us together and still trying our best after 6 years, to serve Srila Gurudev’s mission, his book mission that is dear to him?  Is the love for our Beloved Srila Gurudev.  We want to transfer all that pain in our heart to serve his book mission.  We want to talk about what we had done for our Beloved Srila Gurudev during his Appearance and Disappearance Day.

Leelavathy Dasi

Director of GVP Books Fund, Malaysia