AsrA�la Gurudeva Distributes Books

Posted on July 20, 2013 by admin-vasanti

metformin obesity treatment [AsrA�la Gurudeva often inspired his various audiences to collect
and read his books. That was one of the ways he promoted and
distributed them:]

pA�ra?�A?a?? pulindya urugA?ya-padA?bja-rA?gaA�rA�-
kua?�kumena dayitA?-stana-maa?�a??itena
tad-darA�ana-smara-rujas ta?�a?�a-rA�a??itena
limpantya A?nana-kucea??u jahus tad-A?dhim
AsrA�mad-BhA?gavatam (10.21.17)

The gopA�s lament in separation from Ka?�a??a?�a, a�?O, see
the forest girls. They are born of very low caste, with black
complexions. Although they are Pulinda, from the hilly tribes,
still they are so fortunate. When Ka?�a??a?�a goes to the forest, His
footprints, mixed with some kua?�kuma powder, come on the
grass. When the Pulinda girls see this, they take that kua?�kuma
and smear it on their breasts. When they do this, they feel as
if Ka?�a??a?�a is meeting with them. But we cannot do even this.a�?
There are very good explanations of this A�loka by AsrA�la
JA�va GosvA?mA�, AsrA�la SanA?tana GosvA?mA�, and AsrA�la ViA�vanA?tha
CakravartA� a?�hA?kura. Ia��ve given only some hint. Ia��ve not
explained so much. In India I have explained their commentaries,
and a book has been published called Vea?�u-gA�ta. If you
want to know more, you can read that book.
I think that all my books can help you so much. The
explanation of GA�tA? by AsrA�la ViA�vanA?tha CakravartA� a?�hA?kura
will help you more, more, more, and more. And the biography
of my gurudeva will also help you so much. All my books a��
about forty books, such as UpadeA�A?ma?�ta, Manaa??-A�ika??A?, Asika??A?a??taka,
and Jaiva-dharma a�� will help you so much, so much. Try to
read them; this will give you the association of Vaia??a?�avas.

Discourse on Vea?�u-gA�ta
Murwillumbah, Australia: January 21, 2001