Siva-ratri in Hardwar

Posted on March 4, 2011 by Raghava

by Vasanti dasi

I must be honest – I was feeling some trepidation about distributing books in Hardwar for Siva-ratri. It was the first time that I would be distributing books after Srila Gurudeva’s physical departure from this world. I had some fear and sadness and a range of emotions. I was thinking how easy it was to talk to people in India and that my entire motive was to show them Gurudeva’s picture and encourage them to come meet him, a pure devotee of Krsna. Now what would I say.

What to do? I couldn’t miss Siva-ratri in Hardwar. The Siva-tattva book is special to me and I know that Gurudeva wants book distribution.

Once I got to the ghat (the bank of the Ganga) where all the shops and people are, we set the books out and people immediately began to approach us. The second I picked up a book , a wave of joy overcame me and there was like no difference now or before in distributing books. The same conditioned souls are wandering by and as a messenger, I have the incredible fortune to share such transcendental life-altering truths.

I gave one man a Hindi Secrets of the Undiscovered Self. When he saw Srila Prabhupada’s picture, his eyes lit up and excitedly said, “Swami Maharaja, I’ve met him.” He bought the book from me for 10 rupees. Then a few minutes later he came upset and said, “you cheated me. This book is not by Swami Maharaja.” I was nervous at first by his reaction and didn’t know what to say. I opened to Gurudeva’s picture, begged his guidance, and then said, “This is Swami Maharaja’s successor and he is teaching the exact same teachings as Swami Maharaja did. You think you are an Indian man, and I think I am an American woman, but really we are the soul – our atmas are the same.” He got a big smile, and said, “Yes, thank you. “ I said, “Hare Krsna” and he walked away.

We took one box of books that was labeled Secrets of the Undiscovered Self (in Hindi). This is the most popular seller in India. The cover is so dynamic and all are attracted to it –and the book is only 10 rupees. When we got to the ghat, and opened the box, to our surprise, it was a box full of Hindi Sankalpa-kalpa-drumas. “Oh my gosh, how to distribute such a high book? Do we really believe Gurudeva’s words, ‘All for all?’” I even heard him say, “All for all” personally in the Fiji airport. We were all laughing, and decided must be Lord Siva’s mercy on the jivas to give the highest benediction – manjari-bhava. After all, he meditates on Radha and Krsna’s asta-kaliya-lila. We all tried to push that book and occasionally someone would buy one. It is 20 rupees, and thanks to the sponsorship program, we even offered it to people for 10 rupees. Then, one young boy came to our table. Taruni showed him the Sankalpa-kalpa-druma. He looked at it and I also showed him Siva-tattva. He then took 4 Sankalpa-kalpa-drumas and two Siva-tattvas (all for 100 rupees). Taruni and I were surprised thinking, “Why would he buy four?” What will he do with them? Then, a few minutes later, he came back and bought four more Sankalpa-kalpa-drumas and two more Siva-tattvas and gave us another 100 rupees. Taruni looked at the 100 rupee note and asked me, “Is it real? Or, is it counterfeit?” Between the 7 of us, we distributed about 30 Sankalpa-kalpa drumas on Siva-ratri day.

Transcendental Book Distribution ki jaya!!

Anita speaking to nice students from Jaipur

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