Shaktifest 2014

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Submitted by Vasanti dasi

May 16th to 18th, myself, Syamarani didi, Shivananda seva dasa, Krsnamayi dasi, and Vilasini dasi went to Joshua Tree to have a booth a book and art booth at Shaktifest. The fantastic, open-minded, open-hearted organizers of the festival also invited Syamarani didi to have an hour-and-a-half workshop at the festival. She spoke on the Sunday, and gave a slide show presentation and after her class, so many books and posters were distributed. The people at this festival are so lovely to be around and we are making many nice friends who are enjoying Srila Gurudevaa��s books.

Krsnamayi dasi: Ita��s amazing how Gurudeva sends the perfect jivas to his booth. There was this one lady who had Syamarani didis art in her house and was completely shocked that the artist was actually there and that she got to meet her. There was another beautiful person whose Guru gave him the name Visnu dasa, who got one of every single book for his asrama in New York. He gave a very nice donation and was still thinking that these books are priceless and that he should be giving more. It was arranged that there was no booth next to us so we were able to spread out and make the booth welcoming, peaceful and comfortable for people to hang out and discuss Krsna consciousness. With Syamarani didi there it was so easy for the books and the art to just fly out of the booth and the donations to fly in. A�One of the nicest things was the team effort. For example, while Vasanti and I were in didis class, Pankaj prabhu and Sarasvati stayed in the booth and distributed tons of books. Tulasi and Vilasini also manned the booth when needed.A� On the Sunday, Syamarani didi stayed in the booth from after her class till 8pm. Her example made me want to work harder for Srila Gurudeva.

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Shivananda sena dasa: God is Love and Love is God”, to me a bound fool were some of the most powerful words of Srila Gurudev. As he defined the word Love in his divine presence actions lectures and books, Srila B V Narayana Maharaj embodied the mood of a perfect loving human beyond words. Especially the over used weak word love. We learned the smallest fraction of love begins with adhau sraddha and proceeds to the inconceivable moods of madanakya mahabhava reserved only forSri Krishna’s Para Shakti,A� Srimate Radhika.

“All for all”…is also one of the most powerful statements of Srila Gurudev for me because it encapsulates his unconditonal love for humanity…and his faitha and vision of Mahaprabhu’s mission….Gaura broke all race caste gender and nationality material designations naming all as simply jiva svarupa hoya nitya krishna dasa.

Srila Gurudev has given and continues to give this world inspiration to engage in pure bhakti yoga through his books, lectures and the impressions he has left on our hearts.. This is what we attempted to share with everyone at this years Shaktifest in Joshua Tree California…We had a title for every adhikar from the basics of how to get along as he instructed in the Harmony book, Bhagavad-gita ,through Roya Ramana samvada, Nectar of Govinda Lilia, then Jaiva Dharma , Prema Samput and his latest manifest request revamped ***Discerning the True Sentiments of the soul.

How fortunate we are to be able to be among many hundred people all chanting Hare Krishna…Radhe Radhe….who would not want to join Mahaprabhu’s process?…Certainly not Lord Shiva, Their Lordships Sita and Rama…or the great demigodess Durga Ma..who all appeared in the form of their names to participate support and join in in the chanting of The Divine Couples Holy names….And for us bound souls who may not know the extant of the glories of the Holy Name of Sri Radhe but are naturally and spontaneously attracted to it, Srila Gurudev and all of our Vaishnava Guru varga Acharyas like Srila A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saravati Prabhupada, The six Gosvamis of Vrndavan like Sri Rupa Sri Sanatana.all were thre as book Bhagavatas to further guide us and fine tune our chanting…Nurturing and encouraging us toward anyaabhlisita sunyam….

How blessed were all present to get direct association with Their amazing servant vaishnavi Srimati Symarani didi who tirelessly served everyone through speaking, explaining signing singing dancing chanting and being that wonderful example of sadhana bhakti ,true pure spiritual practice..

Yes brothers and sisters the congregational chanting movement, complete with all aspiring transcadentalists from the yogis bramahavadis, Vaishnavs, buddhists Christians gathered to express and feel love.i mean to say those all humans..the one race we all belong to, were gathered to speak the language of love the language of sankirtan…Who would not want to participate? Who would oppose such offerings of love and affection? Who would dare limit such expression.

Only the mundane mind which attempts to divide which gravitates toward aparadha opposes Her name…We only saw the inquisitve yearning to know..”Who is this Radha and Krishna, and what is Their love?”..And their was our gurudevs ready to answer…Transcendental book distribution ki Jaya…yas Shivananda sena dasa

A big thanks to all the donors of the GVP Sponsorship Program who enable us to attend these festivals without anxiety (to cover the booth, expenses, and books without anxiety).

For an array of many beautiful pictures, please go to my Facebook Page (Vasanti dasi). Special thanks to Kilimba dasi who came down from San Francisco to spend a day with us there (despite it being the busiest day of the year at their restaurant), and help with the distribution. She brought the Vaisnava calendar to life and 60 were distributed to sweet souls.