School Program in South Africa

Posted on September 14, 2010 by Raghava

by Vasanti dasi

On Saturday, Sept. 4, 2010 Syamarani didi, myself, Mukunda prabhu, Anupama prabhu, Asim-Krsna prabhu and Lalita didi went to a school in a rural town outside of Johannasberg. There were about 50 kids there and they were so incredibly sweet.
First we chanted and we gave them all a Way of Love so they could follow along with the Maha-mantra. They loved the book and we told them that the books are sacred so to keep them in a special place and not on the floor, etc.

Syamarani didi gave a sweet class for them which can be viewed on my youtube page:

We heard that one kid even became a vegetarian after the program because he said he doesn’t want to eat his brothers. His mother came into the school, and told the teacher my kid won’t eat meat anymore. The teacher told her alternatives and she was pacified.

Some of the kids couldn’t stop staring at the Krsna pictures in the books.

We had a kirtan at the end and we all danced together. Then, I asked the kids who could chant the mantra into the microphone and they all came to the mic with such enthusiasm – some learned the maha-mantra so fast, some needed help, and some used the book.

We then gave them all sumptuous prasadam and they ate to their hearts content (we’ve heard some of these kids don’t eat much on weekends, when they are not in school.) We also gave them take home plates for their families.