Rugby World Cup Book Distribution

Posted on October 25, 2011 by admin-vasanti

Submitted by Krsna-premavati dasi

During kartik, in the very celebrated Damodara Masa whilst the most auspicious Vraja-mandala parikrama festival is being performed and celebrated under the divine auspices of our beloved Srila Gurudeva – on the other side of the world a different sort of participation has just been celebrated and honoured …………TheA� Rugby World Cup!

With an estimated TV audience of 4 billion people;A� 40 to 60,000 spectators at live matches;A� plus up to 200,000 at the ‘fan-zones’;A� the largest NZ sporting event ever, has just finished in down-town Auckland, New Zealand.

So the Auckland devotees, through the grace of Sri Guru & Gauranga, decided to run with the opportunity, and got out into the field for some transcendental book distribution… kick for goal.

‘Literally it was a ‘scrum’ to try and get people to stop,’ commented one devotee, ‘because everyone just wanted to get to the match, and not have to carry anything.’

Also, once people had walked the 4 kilometre ‘Fan-Trail’ (walk across town to get to the Rugby Mt. Eden Stadium) those who were quite red-faced, puffed and exhausted, simply wanted to enquire where the nearest pub was, rather than the divine elixir of transcendental knowledge.’

‘Still, it was an awesome multi-cultural event, and despite the language, country or culture, people responded positively and in a really friendly way towards the books.’

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Also, on the night of the final, with NZ and France battling it out for world champ status, the devotees finished off with the sweet chanting of the holy names, much to the delight of the throng of rugby fans.

Many thanks to all the people who took books, plus who are in the photos, and to them, (along with the other 7 billion) we wish Sri Guru’s mercy, the best of bhakti happiness, karma and Krishna-sukriti, to enter the eternal matches of fun and games in the blissful, spiritual world.

Congratulations also to the All Blacks for their victory & to the French team for their awesome endeavour – Hare Krishna to all!

Aspiring for the service of the vaisnavas
The Auckland Yatra Book Distribution Team