Report from Karol Bagh Sanga

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Submitted by Vedavyasa dasa

We had a beautiful programme in Hansraj College on 2nd April 2012 . This Hansraj college is the biggest college of Delhi University at north campus. This college has the biggest building with the highest number of students and faculty. There are around staff of 200 persons for cleaning and maintenance. The minimum passing marks required for students to get the admission is 90%.

Two day before the programme i.e. on 30th March( 1st April being Sunday) , we displayed our banners at both the gates of the college and one in the seminar hall and other outside of the seminar hall. We also distributed our programme pamphlets in the college before and on the day of the programme we also displayed our Canopy outside the college.  The timing of the programme was from 11.30AM to 1.30PM. Our team reached the college venue by 9AM. After reaching the college we erected our Canopy stall and also displayed our books in the stall.  The  gate of the seminar hall was decorated with yellow flowers. Inside the hall we placed our altar with Gurudev, Our parampara and Sri Sri Radha Raman Vihariji. The alter was also decorated with beautiful rose and yellow flowers.

Around 9.45 am our team of Mathura devotees reached the college venue and started kirtan in front of the Canopy.  At 11.00AM , PP Rohini Prabhu and SP Vishnu Daivata Maharaj along with other devotees were taken to the PRINCIPAL ROOM who is himself a scientist of Biology and his name is Dr V.K.Kwatra. In his room , both of our speakers gifted our books to the Principal. In his room we were there for around 30 minutes where they discussed on hot topics and degradation of our society and live in relationships. After the introduction with the PRINCIPAL, He accompanied us to the seminar hall.

At the seminar hall, the Principal welcomed our speakers with garlands. And also our speakers gifted him with a beautiful lamination. To start with the programme , at first we introduce our both the speakers with profile and also showed them on projector. We also showed them our slide on Bhagvat Gita on the topic of happiness on projector. The topic of the seminar was MODERN LIFESTYLE & ITS CONSEQUENCES and QUEST FOR HAPPINESS. The speakers were Sripad Vishnu Daivat Maharaj and PP Rohini Nandan Prabhu. SP Vishnu Daivat Maharaj explained about the above topics in scientific manner and PP Rohini Nandan Prabhu explained in logical manner. . After our presentation and lectures by both speakers of 30 minutes each we had a beautiful kirtan.

For Kirtan we hired Keypad, Dholak , Guitar and Organ pad with Good sound system. We also invited around 10 devotees from Mathura. The kirtan was given the name of  Transcendental Rock show. Kirtan was lead by Mathura and Delhi devotees and also Manjari didi. During the kirtan , our devotees from Vrindavan and Mathura jumped between the tables of the seminar hall and start dancing. Also make the students to raise their hands and dance. Sripad Vishnu Daivat Maharaj also entered in the kirtan party and dance and jump high with great ecstasy. All students , faculty members enjoyed the transcendental rock show. After 30 minutes of transcendental rock show there was question and answer session. Many students asked inquisitive questions which were answered by our both speakers in the scientific and logical manner along with slokas from our Vedic scriptures.

It  was attended by around 150 students and faculty members, Principal and our congregation. On the whole there were around 200 persons. After the programme we also distribute prasad by the name of delicious refreshment. The prasad was dry and packed in a small box. The prasadam box contains One samosa, one kachori, one burfi and one ladoo. Along with the prasad , we serve them chilled imported juice cans. We distributed  250nos of prasadam boxes. During the prasad session, we distribute participation forms and requested the students to fill it up with their details of Name, Designation, telephone no., e-mail no., area of interest and queries. At the end of the programme everybody was very happy and appreciated the programme very much and sent us thank you messages for inviting them.

All the devotees from Mathura and Delhi are very enthusiastic. SP Vishnu Daivat  Maharaj was also very happy and felt contented after the programme. We have got various inquires from the students and are in touch with them to solve their queries. We have also sent them with letter of thanks and inviting them to Vrindavan and also to our youth program mes at Delhi. The organizers of the Hansraj college has given us the confirmation for next program after vacations and also will accompany us to Vrindavan after examinations.

We are trying to get more programs in the colleges after some time as now the examinations are going to start next month.

We are sending email ids of the students taken during our preaching program for the hari-katha mailing list.






















We thank the GVP sponsorship program for their kind appreciation and support.


We also had a review program of college seminar held on 2nd April. This review program was organized on 18th April in first ever Goudiya Matha of Delhi located near the same Hansraj College in Delhi University area. In this program there were around 50 students from various colleges to whom we preached earlier. In this program SP Vishnu Daivat Maharaj , SP Shant Maharaj and PP Rohini Nandan Prabhu were present. Each speaker spoke for 15 minutes each. Later we took their remarks and everybody was positive and wants to attach  themselves with our programs regularly. After the lecture there was Thakurji Darshan for 15 minutes along with kirtan. Full lunch prasadam was also distributed to the whole congregation. At the end of the program students were gifted with free books.

One more good news we want to share is that we are participating in a BOOK FAIR going to be held at SHIMLA from 12th to 17th May 2012. In this fair we are planning to distribute English and Hindi books..