Realizing The Nectar Within

Posted on May 7, 2014 by admin-vasanti

daya-govinda dāsa: Śrīla Gurudeva, you have been instructing us for many years about book distribution and bringing devotees to you. I see that, especially in this Bay Area of San Francisco, so many people are hungry for your books.

Śrīla Gurudeva: I request you to stand up in class and speak about this. I will support you.

Hdaya-govinda dāsa: I have a question, though. When our Śrīla Prabhupāda was present, he said that if a disciple prays to him, that disciple will become empowered to distribute more books. How does this work?

Śrīla Gurudeva: He inspired them.
Devotees should distribute books, and also realize the nectar contained within the books. If they do not read the books, their book distribution will be only karma (fruitive action for personal gain).