Punjab Prachar Book Distribution Report

Posted on April 29, 2012 by admin-vasanti

By the mercy of Sri Guru Gauranga and the Vaishanvas the book distribution is continuing at a steady place here in the golden state of Punjab.

During Navadivpa Parikrama the illustrious Srimati Shyamarani didi announced that book distributers were allowed to take any amount of books for any donation for distribution. Even though honestly speaking I am not a big book distributor, more than that I even have a very tough time distributing books to the extent that I have very long gaps between each distribution session, I decided to approach Anita didi to take some books with me for preaching in Punjab.

English books are a little tough to distribute here, but I have faith that they will slowly reach their correct audience. Presently we have a regular slot in a local Siva Mandir where we do Kirtan and give Hari Katha with Hindi translation by Gaura Kishora prabhu, (unfortunately he has recently left the project so we are now requesting if there is any Hindi speaking bramachari willing to come here to translate or give Hari Katha). We were speaking from the comic “I am Spirit” and one person was very happy to give a donation for the book.

We also know one doctor called doctor Nanda who took a Butter Thief and one I am Spirit comic. Finally we know one very nice young boy called Rohit, he is learning English at school and he took one I am Spirit and one Venu Gita, I told him that the English in the Venu Gita is very high, but that I was sure he was intelligent enough to learn good English by reading the book and he was very pleased, we also gave some small posters and his grandmother took a book in Hindi (see pictures).

Also, for some time before his exams we were helping him practice his English by reading from the English Jaiva Dharma. Just before we gave them the books, Gokul Chandra Prabhu from Dehli came here to preach and suggested to us that we gave them japa mala for chanting. After a successful program by Gokul Chandra Prabhu and Rasa Bihari Prabhu and his wife, they are now in possession of Neem Mala and are chanting the Maha Mantra daily.

Now I am waiting for inspiration as to how to distribute the rest of the books, but very soon the Siva Mandir is hosting a professional speaker of the Bhagavatam for Bhagavat Saptaha and the owner, who lets us rent the room we are using for free, is arranging a book stall for us during the program.

All of this is only possible by the mercy of Sri Guru, Gauranga and the Vaishnavas so we beg you all that this project continues to be successful in the honour of our beloved Srila Gurudeva and with the mercy and blessings of one of his dearest sanyassi disciples Sripad Bhaktivedanta Vana Maharaja. We have a rent free place here where all of the bhoga is donated and we only need to cover the cost of the electric, we also get plenty of donations from people when we go on madhukari to the local shops and houses, we have plenty of books, posters and incense for distribution, but we only lack one thing, enthusiastic bramacharis or grihastha preachers willing to preach the mission of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu under the guidance of Sri Guru.

We are begging the mercy of the Vaishanvas to please send some devotees here as soon as possible because the people here are ready for the message of Mahaprabhu, they just need the right person to deliver it to them and as neither Nityanada or myself speak Hindi it is a little tricky to give them what they need to hear in terms of tattva siddhanta and Hari Katha.

Begging for the mercy of Sri Guru and the Vaishnavas.

Vaishnava das anudas.

Balabhadra das.

Niyananda das.