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Govindaji Gaudiya Matha Book Racks

A new style of book racks for the Houston temple preaching project […]

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Bangalore – Outside Events

The devotees organize many outside events to bring the Holy Names and Gurudeva’s Books to the public.

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Bangalore – Temple Events

“The programs at the temple allow us to bond with our guests and congregation…”

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Bangalore – Book Distribution

Reaching the many young students at the University part of town.

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Bangalore – Nagara Sankirtana

The enthusiastic devotees from the Bangalore Math go out on Nagara Sankirtan at least 3 times a week.

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A Sikh Vaisnava Speaks About Hari-bhajan

Guru Nanak says in his Sikh scripture, “Hari-katha is at the top of everything.”

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The Spirit of Love Distribution – Compassion

…If the house is on fire it is your responsibility to chant “Fire, get out of the house!”

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Time, Place and Circumstance — Book Distribution

Devotees share ideas on how to distribute books in trains and buses…

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Get on the Hari-Katha Mailing List

The Hari-Katha Team, which sends email updates to thousands of subscribers, explain the benefits of making sure you’re on their list!

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Gangamatas Distributing Books for the New Temple Building Project

“The London Gangamatas Distributing Books for the Temple Building Project with lively street kirtan!”

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Houston Heroes on a Mission

The Houston Ashram Brahmacaris hit the shopping mall and encounter some old friends, sharing Gurudeva’s transcendental literature….

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Srimati Syamarani and the Gangamatas

Srimati Syamarani didi and the Gangamatas hit the streets of London with their transcendental book distribution.

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A Day Out With Syamarani Didi

Srimati Syamarani Didi hits London town with the Gangamatas on a mission to distribute Gurudeva’s transcendental books!

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All for All

“In this video Srila Gurudeva is quoted by Syamarani didi that his books are not onl meant for the devotees but for the general public as well — all for all!”

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