A Sikh Vaisnava Speaks About Hari-bhajan

Posted on February 16, 2011 by Raghava 1 Comment

Guru Nanak says in his Sikh scripture,
“Hari-katha is at the top of everything.”

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  1. jagtar singh gill
    3 years ago

    i am from a sikh background.i have been devoted to lord sri krishna for 7 years.at the moment i do 8 rounds daily and i make it a daily task to live by krishna conscious principals.my son is 18,and he his inclined towards being a sikh.when i join my son to go to the sikh gurdwara,i really have a heavy heart
    .my life is becoming krishna conscious,what should i do.this is a real dilemma.i am glad to see a vaisnava sikh.however i have read that you will not benefit fully by following two religions.i would appreciate some comments.thank you


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