On to Kumbha-mela

Posted on January 14, 2013 by Anita dasi
By the blessings and mercy of Srila Gurudeva and the encouragement and support of Vaisnavas we hope to make this Kumbha-mela event a great opportunity for distributing Srila Gurudev’s books and exposing his special message to the world. The two vans full of books have already reached Allahabad and the book distribution has started from the very first day. Thanks to Rohini Nandan prabhu and his team who lend one of his preaching van for two months. It saved the inconvenience of booking tickets which are usually not available and the hassle of crowded trains going to Allahabad. Moreover, travelling by van will be convenient as the devotees will start from their door and reach the destined place in the same vehicle, without going through the troubles of changing vehicles. Rohini Nandan prabhu is particular that his van should only be used for book distribution purpose and only for devotees committed to book distribution, not for those who just want to go there for any other purpose.


  1. manjari devi dasi
    6 years ago

    Wish I were there with you all!

  2. Ramananda Das
    6 years ago

    I’m going to Kumbh Mela on 24 to distribute some books also. How to contact the devotees there?