On the Train

Posted on March 7, 2011 by Raghava

by Vasanti dasi

Distributing books on the train is really fun. People are just sitting with nothing to do and ita��s nice to walk through each car and offer everyone a chance to read something. I pass out the books to all in the compartment and then tell them it is a beautiful book about Krsna.

There were three police sitting and I offered them a book and they said no, so then I turned to the next people and there was a man lying down on an upper seat. I offered him the book, he took it, and asked if it was free. I said, no, it is ten rupees. Then he showed me his left hand and that he was handcuffed to the rail. I was in shock. I said, a�?Jail?a�? He nodded his head yes. I asked, a�?Why?a�? He made a motion of cutting his head and said kill. I wasna��t sure what that meant, but thought it meant he killed someone. I said, a�?For you, this book is free. It will help you.a�? He was so grateful. Then I left that car and had to pause and get grounded after that experience. I headed up the prison program for our International Pure Bhakti Yoga Society, and there just felt some difference between getting a letter from an inmate, and distributing a book personally to one. Really all jivas are sufferinga��.

When I went back, I saw that he was reading. I wanted so much to take a picture of him reading the book for this report. So I thought I would hurry back to my seat (four cars a way) and get my camera. As I was walking back to my seat, so many people who originally said no to buying a book, then stopped me, and said, a�?Excuse me, can I see that book now?a�? So I would wait while they looked through the various books I had. I finally got the camera and hurried back to take the picture. By the time I got back, the train pulled into Delhi station, and the prisoner was at the door handcuffed to one of the policeman and about to get off the train. He thanked me and the police also smiled at me.

I followed them off the train to try and get a picture, and this is what turned out….

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