News from Gokarna

Posted on April 27, 2012 by admin-vasanti

by Manohar dasa

Fleeing the cold in Vrindavan in December 2011, Manmohini and I headed south to the beaches. Not to Goa, but to the more sober yet wonderful beaches of Gokarna! We took residence in the house of a traditional Brahmin family, waking up daily to the sound of children reciting the Veda in the gurukul next door. A place of ardent Shiva worship ( ), Gokarna also is home of a wonderful Venkateshwara temple, a Krishna temple on a huge Kund, a most charming and peaceful Rama temple overlooking the Arabian sea, plus a host of other sacred spots and sites, new and old, like the Ganesha temple or the Vishwamitra temple on top of a hill. Strolling the beaches, we were often greated with “Haribol” or “Hare Krishna”. It appears Gokarna is a devotees´ insider tip for a relaxed turn of the year.

Brought together by the laudable efforts of Belgian Krishnapriya didi, about two dozen devotees assembled on the occasion of Srila Gurudeva´s disappearance, which we celebrated in style under Banyan trees in one of the local Yoga ashrams, the owner of which turned out to be a disciple of Srila Gurudev.

In late December, a grand new library above the Rama temple was opened. We attended the inauguration featuring a full evening with first class Hindustani and Karnatic music, plus a marvellous Bharata Natya dance troup from Udupi, enchanting our minds with Dashavatara and Krishna Lila performances. The leader of the troup invited us to Udupi, but this is another story…

View from Library

The Gokarna library is the singlehanded work of one elderly staunch Brahmin, Mr. Vedeshwar, who loves books and has been collecting tons of them since the 1940s. With the support of a french group, a study circle was formed to develop the collection and open it up for public use. I paid a visit to Mr. Vedeshwar, a most sweet and humble personality occupying a tiny room in an ancient traditional south Indian Brahmin house facing the Ganesha temple. We had a wonderful spiritual exchange and I promised I would send our Gurudeva´s books to complete his collection, which he accepted gratefully. Mr. Vedeshwar´s son is no less a book lover, who is now taking over responsibility for the library. Back in Vrindavan, we asked Anita and Vasanti to take care of sending a gift box to Gokarna….

Srila Gurudeva´s book distribution team Ki JAI!!!

Aspiring servant, Manohar das