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Posted on November 13, 2015 by admin-vasanti
Submitted by Yvonne
I am happy to report that copies of His Divine Grace Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaja’s bhakti books that you sent us this summer have all been distributed throughout Chicago’s southwest side. What’s more is that soon after the shipment, we were able to utilize a studio in the Pilsen-Little Village community, which is a predominately Mexican-Latino community, where we have been able to establish a monthly bhkati event called Transcendence: An Evening of Bhakti Yoga. Last night was our first evening hosting this magical event with all kinds of friends during Kartikka and were able to distribute the last of your shipment. We even had one local play and chant on the harmonium for his first time. His name is Max, and he is in the picture attached, wearing green. Haribol!
olin facade
The children’s books are a big hit, as well as the books in Spanish. We do also have many second and third generation Latinos who are only English-speaking, and the English books are great for them. To share with you how we’ve been able to broaden the demographic, we’ve even been able to distribute books to individuals in the black community who live in the South Shore community.
We hope to continue spreading Krishna Consciousness through the distribution of books to disenfranchised individuals who can’t always afford to give donations for books in Chicago. What’s more is that we feel that this also promotes literacy, community building on a very conscious and divine level. We distribute with great care and responsibility. This is our seva, and your books have touched us all.essence






Thank you for your support and friendship.

Your humble servant,

Yvonne E. Nieves, RMT