News from Brighton

Posted on August 14, 2012 by admin-vasanti
by Prana Govinda dasa
Here in Brighton Madhuvrata brahmacari, Venu Gopal prabhu and myself Prana Govinda as well as Usha didi and other members of the local sanga have been enthusiastically distributing Srila Gurudeva’s books from our regular downtown book table and also through street sankirtan.
Brighton is a very progressive town full of young and broadminded people. It is a tourist town so receives many visitors from out of town during the summer months, many of which pass by our book table and many come and take books and some delicious prasad snacks made by Usha didi.
We have 3 weekly evening programs, one in the local yoga center and two in our small apartment. The yoga center program is more geared for new people and offers mantra meditation and a short talk on bhakti yoga. The other two programs are more geared for devotee’s who are looking to enter deeper into the Bhagavad Gita and Jaiva Dharma.

Mayor of Brighton

Due to the book table preaching progam many new people have been coming to the yoga center program and recently we had an amazing concert with The Kirtaniyas.
We are looking to expand our preaching and are currently looking for new and bigger premises to use as an ashram and temple.

Promoting books on the Radio

We are enthusiastic to have a table at the upcoming Brighton Wellbeing Festival which is on the 2nd September, and are gratefully seeking donations from the GVP Sponsorship program to assist us to participate in this well-attended festival.