My Special Radhastami

Posted on October 14, 2012 by Anita dasi

by Krsna Kishor das, age 8

When my mom woke me up for mangal-arati at first I didn’t know why. She told me today was Radhastami. After mangal-arati we went to class at Rupa Sanatan Gaudiya Matha. Then we went Gopinatha Bhavan to see the abhsiheka of Radha Gopinatha. Janaki didi sang many bhajans and gave class. After, there was another abhisheka on the bank of the Yamuna. They used so much Yamuna water.

Then we went for arati and prashadam at Gopinatha Bhavan. After prashadam my mother said to me, “Do you want to go to Faridabad?”

I said, “Yes. I want to go.” Then we got into the taxi. We passed by many small villages before coming to Faridabad.

We came to the temple of Gurudeva.

They gave us water and then drove us to the procession with kirtan and baskets of gifts for Radharani.

We were distributing books to every house where people were standing and watching. We kept walking and then Sridar Maharaja came. I offered my pranams and continued book distribution.

I distributed many books. It felt nice. I was thinking of Gurudeva when distributing books. I was thinking today is Radha’s birthday and it made me happy.

After they gave us juice and we went to the park to set up the book table. I distributed books until 8 pm.

I would say, “Please take these books of Gurudeva. Radha is giving you Her krpa” I went down a whole row of seats an only one person took a book. I couldn’t believe it because the books are so good and the people are rich. But many others took books. Utkalika-valari, Sankalapa-kalap-druma, Camatakar Chandrika, Prema Samput, and English books too.

I met a few other kids – Arjuna, Yudistir and two others asked what I was doing. When I told them they said, “please give me some. I want to do with you.” Then his friend came and sister his sister too.

I also like book distribution because I get to go all over and run around. I was happy many bought books and I got to do Radha and Gurudeva service.