Posted on August 28, 2017 by Anita dasi

by Raseshwari dasi

online provera stanja na racunu komercijalna banka I have never had faith in politicians. I never expected that in my life that I was going to approach to one of them to ask for something. But I saw that my baba, Sri Vinod Bihari das, every time that Yogi Adityanath will speak he will desire to hear what he will say and he told me that he is a good men, with sadhua��s heart. I also saw that many other sadhus have a very good impression of Yogi ji. So I also got a kind of faith that he may help us to solve the many problems we are experiencing in Vraja dham.

The history begin when I meet Sri Ramesh Baba from Varsana who is a highly respected saint and successful advocate for Vrajaa��s heritage. He said, a�?I have being trying to save Sri Yamuna ji, I did three attempts to go to Delhi by foot, walking, but I didna��t found any support from government. Only empty promises. Now I am tired and feeling sad.a�?

That words were like a sword in my heart. I could not tolerate that. I got so disturbed. How is it possible this great saint, who has done so much for protect Vraja and who has so many followers all over Vraja and India, could not get any support!

So this was like the spark that started the fire in my heart. I remembered my Gurudeva, Srila Narayana Goswami Maharaj, who also was a very active protector of our Vraja and good friend with Ramesh baba. I felt in my heart that I can do something, a inner call, then the idea came by divine inspiration. a�?To write a letter with all the main problems of Vraja and go to all the main sadhus in Vraja mandal, showing the letter and make them to sign it, then go to see Chief Minister with this letter and give to him in his own handsa�?.

So I did. I went here and there during one month (May -June the hottest time) visiting many saints around Vraja, all of them were very happy with my letter and they approved of my propositions and also gave me blessings. They also advised me how to correct and improve my letter and they also added things to say to CM. It was a really blissful and nectarian experience .

After this was done I went to Lucknow, to visit the Chief Minister representing all the sadhus of Vraja signing the letter (around 50 signatures including main temples of Vrindavan like Iskon, Ranga ji Mandir, Radha Damodar, Banke Bikhari, Radha Raman , etc.) and also the devotees of Lord Krishna around the world who are concerned about the many environmental problems in Vraja Vrindavan.

My letter subject was: Urgent call from sadhus of Vraja Mandal to save Yamuna ji from pollution and to make Sri Vrindavan Dham a worthy place for bhaktas to live.

They give me a personal appointment with CM on Friday 30 of June at 5 pm. I entered in his office and to my surprise I was there completely alone with him for around 10 minutes. I presented all the concerns that many devotees have long been telling me. First I spoke about the situation of our Yamuna ji. She is now turned in pure drain water. She is being restrained in Haryana in Hathini kund barrage. I said about Ramesh baba attempts and having obtained only empty promises. I told like this exactly. Now OUR Yamuna ji is just drain water and the sewage treatment plants are not working any more. So please this time you do the difference and save her.

Second point was the monkeys. They are so aggressive, and I saw with my own eyes that in a hospital in Vrindavan they were throwing them rubbish in back of the building, things like syringes and cotton with pus and blood and the monkeys going there touching and eating this things. So epidemic danger is imminent of AIDS or any other viral infections in the city. I told that is needed to make for them a “badarshala” around Vrindavan. That can be like a Zoo and people can go and feed them there. In this way we can keep our city clean and plant trees and gardens.

Third point was the traffic situation. The small roads in Vrindavan and the eternal jam made of pilgrims, E riksaws, Motor Riksaws, Cows, hogs, motorcycles and the Cars in the small streets of Vrndavan. It is impossible. I requested him to make 3 parking lots for cars. One at the entrance of Yamuna Express way, another in Chatikara entrance and the other in Mathura entrance. Allowing only E -riksaws (that should be registered and with insurance) to come inside the city specially on weekend and holy days.

And fourth point were the plastic pollution and the dirt situation of the city. How is possible that all the pious people come here to worship the Lord and they have to live in such a terrible scene? Vrindavan was declared by district magistrate recently, as one of the most dirty places in the district. So there should be strict control to not allow any more use of plastic cups and dishes for the temples and shops specially. Only allow cardboard, earthenware and leaf dishes.

a�?You are closing slaughterhouses, but we have the slaughterhouses just here on the roads with all this plastic bags that the cows are eating and later die with kilos and kilos of plastic in their intestines. It should be noticeda�?

So I introduced him our Envigreen bags, which are made of sabudhana starch and are edible by cows and completely harmless for environment. I gave him the samples and price list and contact of the factory in Bangalore. I told him it will be good if you make factories for this in UP.

Yogi Adityanath was listening to me, at the same time he was reading the letter. Then when I finished my speech he looked at me eye to eye and said, a�?Dona��t worry, I will do everything. Just give me time.a�?

I saw in his eyes he is truthful. He was not speaking to just to pacify me. He also wants to fulfill the request of the devotees. I saw he is so deep and he has dharma so strong in his heart. He is humble and has a very simple, loving heart. Then I replied to him, “Yes, we know that, you will do everything.”

He smiled, and said, “Thank you.”

He was very sweet. Then I told him. “You know, I came to you because I think you are not just a politician. I will never waste my time going to a politician. I know you are different , you are a ksatrya (warrior, king) with a sadhusa��s heart, and all the sadhus of Vraja like you and have great hope in you. So thata��s way I am here and I waited many days so I can meet you.

He again was smiling, very humble and he said, a�?Thank you.a�?

Then also I spoke him about that issue of Mathura and Vrindavan municipalices merging. A�I said, “We dona��t want in the future legal meat and alcohol shops in Vrindavan, as there are in Mathura. Our Vrindavan has a sweet mood, it has being always a place in which saintly persons come to worship Lord Krishna and to perfect their sambhanda with Him. Now it has changed so much and is being covered by more and more cement! We wants trees. It should be a sweet place. We want a place for devotees to stay and worship the Lord. Please protect our Vrindavan heritage.”

He assured me that with time he will be doing everything, and he will not allow bad things like the meat and alcohol shops happen.

I told him at the end, “Thank you so much and that it was a pleasure to meet you.” Finally, I gift him my Gurudevaa��s most precious jewel like books: Gopi Geeta, Gita Govinda, Bhakti Rasayana and Lord of Sweetness. He accepted them with gratitude.

In this way I was successful in my mission only by the blessings of the saints, vrajavasis an devotees all over the world. After meeting with Chief Minister, I can say that he is really empowered by Lord, he is not ordinary. He is super intelligent, and he is going to do good things for our Vraja. He is a bhakta and he is really a wonderful person. I feel blessed also to have meet him. He was ordered by his own Gurudev, who is coming from Natha Sampradaya (worshipers of Lord Siva) to serve Mother India in politics. So he is doing nice work. He loves the cows and animals in general, he wants to protect woman in UP, and rectify and punish the rascals here. He is closing slaughterhouses and alcohol shops.

Ultimately only if Swamini Sri Radharani wants, will he be able to do something good. I hope he may be a instruments of Lord and change the situation. We pray for that so he may be victorious in his attempts to serve Vraja and the devotees. Jay Sree Radhe!

My dandavat pranams to all the devotees of Lord.

Please bless me so I will be able to continue in my service.