My distribution day: Some inspiring meetings….

Posted on March 1, 2016 by admin-vasanti

Hare Krishna!

Jaya  Gurudeva! Jaya NitayGauranga!

Routine destroys freshness… A conditioned soul who isn’t so spiritually advanced is bound to lose inspiration in DSCN1821practice time to time. Going out for book-distribution almost every day, I often feel how it turns into automatic lifeless routine. So, I’m so grateful to Srila Gurudev and Vaisnavas, who shake me up and charge with inspiration by sending really sincere people.DSCN1817

 Beach. Evening. Tourists… Nothing special was going on. At one point I met a group of people from South India.  At first they didn’t show too much interest, but as conversation went on, one of them has really opened up.

He asked: “Please tell me why am I suffering?”

His inquiry seemed to be so sincere and heart-
appealing.  I started giving basic knowledge which I got from my Gurudev. The man stared showering me with questions. He said that he had a good job, a family but not feeling happiness, so he went to DSCN1819Jagannath searching for an answer. At the end he took “Origin of Ratha Yatra”, and I gave him “Gurudevatma” as a present, because I really felt he needed it. (thanks to GVP book sponsorship programme which makes it possible!). They wouldn’t let me go and kept asking different questions, but I had to go for class… I think the books will answer them…

Another time I spontaneously decided to go out for a short half-an-hour book distribution near our temple… At the very end I met two boys (also from South IndiaJ They came to temple and were very interested in spiritual path. We had a very nice conversation, during which they mentioned that they went to Varanasi and then came to Puri desiring to speak with sadhu… So I took them to Srila Bhakti Vijnana Bharati Maharaj.

It’s really beautiful to meet souls who are searching for God.

Thank you for sending them!DSCN1810

Jay Jay Sri Radheeeeeeee!

Submitted by Kasturi Manjari dasi