My distribution day: Happy New Year –  Happy New Book!

Posted on January 9, 2016 by admin-vasanti

Hare Krishna!

Jaya Gurudeva!  Jaya Nitay Gouranga!

By Srila Gurudevas’ mercy I came to Puri. Book distribution is always sweet here. And it was especially nice this time because I happened to come during Christmas and New Year’s holidays. So there were lots and lots of people…

Some days I went to Jagannath temple, and sometimes to the beach. Of course nothing can compare to distribute near sweet Jagannath, but beach area was also nice.



I tried doing in the evening and morning, but morning seems better as its more sattvik on the beach at that time. People were in a relaxed holiday mood, so it was easy to approach them


Most of the people were Bengali.I wish we had more Bengali books…

Puri Dham Ki-Jay!

Jay Jay Sri Radheeee!

Submitted by Kasturi Manjari dasi