Manila Temple

Posted on April 25, 2018 by Anita dasi

Today is anniversary of the temple opening here so devotees went out for Harinam Sankirtan and Prasad distribution.

I brought some books and divided for distribution here in Manila, Baguio and one for library in Cebu.

When I arrived, I found out my eldest sister was in same city, giving some seminars to a Catholic seminary house. I visited her, and we were introduced to the community of seminarians.

One priest drive us back to the temple and had vegetarian dinner with us. They’re all young students. The head priest was not there. Many were all interested and had so many questions. Began with curiosity about our lifestyle then they became so interested about our philosophy since they’re also kinda studying about all kinds of philosophy especially the so called oriental and Hindu philosophy but not really from an actual person with first hand knowledge. It’s so funny because sometimes they became so happy with my answers and so they would clap very loudly.

But I found out that the head priest has a sister who is a Hare Krsna. ?