Kumba Mela 2010 Haridwar – April 8, 2010

Posted on April 9, 2010 by Raghava

Book distribution report by Anita dasi

April 8, 2010

Sixteen and nine-months, wearing a Che Gueveara t-shirt, with ear phones in, I didna��t think he would take a book. But I try to call out to everyone who goes by. Not only did he stop, but as he pulled out his ear phones he said, a�?Hare Krsna mataji.a�? About a year ago he became involved with the ISKCON temple in Ujjain. With joy he pulled out his malla from his bag and informed me he was chanting eight rounds a day, well sixteen since he came to Haridwara for Kumba. He carefully looked at all the books I had with me, and politely asked what I advised. I suggested Harenama Mahamantra, to inspire him in his jappa. When he came to the Siva Tattva book, he said with a start, a�?But we are devotees of Krsna, why a book about Siva-ji?a�? I indicated he should read the quote on the back explaining how Lord Siva is the greatest Vaisnava. He took a Siva Tatta and Secrets of the Undiscovered Self too. I felt so light and happy after meeting an Indian youth who all on his own had taken to Krsna Consciousness with so much enthusiasm.

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Yesterday before going out in the evening, Taruni dasi watched the book distribution videos that are on www.gvpbookdisribution.com. She took away some inspiration that Srila Gurudeva is doing everything, and this is actually his compassion. When we go through the crowd and there are all kinds of reactions including neglect or even negativity, but actually everyone deserves compassion. One suggestion in the film was to make prayers to Srila Gurudeva as we are distributing. With this mood she went out yesterday and tried to keep in mind that it was not her who was doing the book distribution, and that this miracle of Krsna Consciousness that happened to her could happen to anyone. She felt with this in mind she connected with the people on a level that they could feel was special, and they very readily took books. Even though who did not take books, still walked away with a special impression.