Kumba Mela 2010 Haridwar – April 6, 2010

Posted on April 7, 2010 by Raghava

by Anita dasi

An elephant is a very big animal. You would not miss it coming down the road. I guess that is why they always have the elephant go first in Indian parades. We had just begun to distribute books when an elephant followed by a big parade came down the road from the main ghat. Of course there was a band with those silly velcro-on-boot covers, worn not over boots but battered flip-flops. A float with Lord Siva and Parvati dancing beautifully, about 20 Hanumans dressed all in red with big clubs, Punjabi dancers with big turbans, and a marching ocean of sadhus in orange cloth, except for those who were naga babas., who only wear ashes. As much as I called out and waved books, everyone was watching the parade. I decide to relax and let the parade pass. But a few of the sadhus in the parade saw my books and stopped. I showed them the books, and explained they should give some donation. What followed was mayhem. It was like the whole parade switched course and came at me. Books were wrenched from my hands, the box on the trolley was torn open and the treasures pillaged. A few among the sadhus policed that all should give at least some donation. A few notes, mostly coins, and even a rudraksha and semi precious stone where pushed in my hand as I stood by helpless. Only these words came to mind:

abaddha karuna-sindhu katiya muhana

ghare ghare bule prema-amiyara

inderal price in india

a�?The ocean of mercy had formerly been sealed tight, but Nitai broke the dam. He went from house to house with this nectarean prema, sweetly requesting all to take harinama.a�? – Naita Guna Mani

I think Nityanda prabhu would have loved it. I know I was laughing like a mad-man at the end.

We were just recoiling from the ransacking when we ran into two guys Taruni dasi met the day before. They said they were talking about her last night and wishing they could meet her again to ask more questions. Amazingly we were just 30 feet in front of the place they live. Another five minutes and we would have missed each other. They had very sincere questions about renunciation and our process. We were explaining how you can just take a little time out of the day to chant. One of the boys reached for his wallet. From a special compartment he pulled out a worn and crumpled paper. As he opened it up he said, a�?Some years ago someone gave me this mantra to chant. I always kept it because I thought it was sacred.a�? As I saw the maha mantra I felt the chills. They took more books and we made plans for them to come visit us at the matha to talk and get more books.


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