Kumba Mela 2010 Haridwar – April 15, 2010

Posted on April 16, 2010 by Raghava

Book distribution report by Anita dasi

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I never imagined I would find it normal to have a conversation with someone with wet underwear on their head. But now I find if I stand on the side of the road of people leaving the ghat nearly every other man has this peculiar head wear.

We got an invitation to come to speak and do kirtan to 2,000 people. When we arrived at the address, it was a temple we had passed everyday that was doing mass prashadam distribution. When we went inside no one knew anything about the program. A kind Swami spoke to us. It was some kind of misunderstanding. But since we were there with mrdanga and books he invited us to sit in their mandir and sing bhajanas. Two-thousand in actuality was more like 12, but we made some nice connections. One man swayed in clapped in joy with every kirtan. He plans to come to Vrndavan in a few weeks. Also the Swami lives in Prayag, modern day Allabhbad, and insisted we should come there for book distribution. He said they have a big month long festival there every year during the month of mag, around January. He explained that because he has a trust he is given a few tents at the mela and he invited us to distribute our books from there.

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  1. gauravbht
    9 years ago

    That is nice. Allahabad would also be a good option. Gita Press also sells its books on a van there.