Kumba Mela 2010 Haridwar – April 11, 2010

Posted on April 12, 2010 by Raghava
Book distribution report by Anita dasi

April 11, 2010

a�?I will take the book, but I want to ask a question. Do you believe in all this?a�?

They didna��t ask what country are you from. My mind scrambled to come up with the words to reply. Do I really have faith in all this? In ALL a�� no. Flying mountains are among the other things on my unreconciled list. In a mild panic I began to wonder what business I had passing out books promoting something I had not achieved real faith in. But then I remembered Srila Gurudeva. I am unexplainably attracted to him and his katha. Like a magnet. Then I remembered so many of his classes . . .

adau sraddha tatah sadhu-sango a��tha bhajana-kriya
tato a��nartha-nivrttih syat tato nistha rucis tatah
athasaktis tato bhavas tatah premabhyudancati
sadhakanam ayam premnah pradurbhave bhavet kramah

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“In the beginning one must have a preliminary desire for self-realization. This will bring one to the stage of trying to associate with persons who are spiritually elevated. In the next stage one becomes initiated by an elevated spiritual master, and under his instruction the neophyte devotee begins the process of devotional service. By execution of devotional service under the guidance of the spiritual master, one becomes free from all material attachment, attains steadiness in self-realization, and acquires a taste for hearing about the Absolute Personality of Godhead, Sri Krsna. This taste leads one further forward to attachment for Krsna consciousness, which is matured in bhava, or the preliminary stage of transcendental love of God. Real love for God is called prema, the highest perfectional stage of life.”

Finally the words came, a�?Well I am practicing. Ita��s a process. See this picture of my Guru Maharaja . . .a�?

I must remember that you use a thorn to pluck out another thorn. This book distribution is as much to help me as for those who receive the books.