July 4th weekend in Los Angeles

Posted on July 28, 2011 by admin-vasanti

by Prana Govinda dasa brahmacari

The July 4th weekend was a very succesful time for both book distribution and Harinam sankirtan. Each day of the holiday, from friday till Monday we set up shop at different places on the Venice boardwalk which at this time of the year has foot traffic of thousands of people daily. The Harinam was led each daily beautifully by  Jagadish prabhu, of Dust of Vraj fame, on harmonium as some devotees sat with him on other instruments while others met people and distributed books.

At the Sunday Feast program one young couple turned up who had seen and heard us on the boardwalk. The young man was a little interested but the girl didn’t seem so inspired to chant or take too much part and infact wanted to leave straight after Syamarani didi’s exallant class on Lord Jaganaths Ratha Yatra. I happened to meet them as they were leaving and some how managed to convince them to come back into the temple for Gaur arti and prasadam. During prasad we had a nice long chat and they left happy but i wasn’t convinced we would see them again. To our pleasant surprise the couple turned up at this weeks Sunday program and enthusiastically took part and listened intently to all of BV Padamanaba maharajs, who was passing through that day, class

The boy even filmed the whole event for his documentery. Later the girl confided that she couldn’t stop thinking or talking about the temple and the program all week and even brought two more of her friends. She was even sad that she is leaving LA to goto acting school in New York for the next 3 years as she thought she would miss the temple too much! I promised i would get her in touch with the New York devotees.

Harinam Sankirtan ki Jaya! Transcendental book distribution ki Jaya! Srila Gurudeva ki Jaya!