a�?Journey of the Soula�? College Seminar in Bhubaneswar, India

Posted on March 15, 2015 by navalatika

By the causeless mercy of Srila Gurudeva and the Vaisnavas, our JayA�Shree Damodar Gaudiya Matha preaching team recently completed aA�five-day college seminar on the Bhagavad-gita from January 19-23, 2015A�at the prestigious engineering college in Bhubaneswar called GandhiA�Institute for Technology Advancement (GITA). The seminar was namedA�a�?Journey of the Soula�?.

Every day, the auditorium that seated 400A�people was completely packed with excited participants, who wereA�embarking on their soula��s journey in the form of these presentations.Students as well as the principal and several Head of Departments (hoda��s)A�attended the seminar regularly.

cost for mobic Two brahmacaris from the Puri Matha,A�Sunder Gopal das and Madan Mohan das organized the seminar and were given a large flat to stay in at the college campus. In the evenings, studentsA�would come to the brahmacarisa�� room to ask them questions and to hearA�more about the Gaudiya sampradaya and its philosophy.

On the final dayA�of the seminar, Syamarani didi came as an honored guest to share herA�wisdom and experience with the students. She also helped to sponsor aA�complete book set of Hindi, English, and Oria books for the campusA�library. To those students who were especially active in theirA�participation of the seminar, they were awarded a participationA�certificate as well as a free a�?Jaiva Dharmaa��. There was also a bookA�table during the seminar, where the students were offered a specialA�40% discount. Many students signed up for the Harikatha mailingA�list and the brahmacaris are still trying to stay in touch with themA�via SMS messages. The seminar was a great success and it was all power point presentation with 5 topics for 5 days. Topics were- Does God Exist? Who Am I? Karma Yoga? One God or many Goda��s?A� And Practical application i.e glories of chanting. A�The preaching team from Jay Shree Damodar Gaudiya Matha hopes to continue to expand such programs in many more colleges in Orissa.


This will allow the college students and faculty to develop good samskaras and give them a chance to build a relationship with Srila Gurudeva and the Gaudiya Guru-varga, who will surely, out of their great magnanimity and compassion, very soon offer them as flowers to the lotus feet of Sri Gauranga and Sri Sri RadhaA�and Krsna.